Thursday, October 17, 2013

September Photo A Day

I got behind a few days in September and was really bad about keeping up this month BUT better late than never I did it!  Here is September's Photo A Day!

1. Together (caught these two reading a book together - moments like these melt my heart!)
2. My name begins with (L)
3. Lines (Chloe is determined to stay in the lines when coloring - when she goes out she usually has to start a whole new page. She gets that perfectionist mentality from her mommy unfortunately)
4. Alone (no longer alone at work - little miss came to visit me!)
5. Here forever (I wish these beautiful flowers would stay here forever and never die)
6. Getting ready (to ride the alphabet train)
7. White (the color the girls wore for our family pictures)
8. Made by me (Layla's art)
9. On the wall (a shelf Clay made me from a wood pallet)
10. Sweet (My baby girl)
11. What you did today (went shopping!)
12. Shadow (Layla is a shadow to her big sister following her every move)
13. Unexpected (Chloe has pink converse in Kindergarten just as mommy did only mine were the hightop version)
14. Liquid (mastering the sippy cup)
15. Season (Fall! artwork by Layla)

16. Frame (I think I will have to frame this - I just love little feet)
17. In front of me (Layla Wade)
18. Vintage (my dad played with this when he was little and now Chloe has it)
19. What is this? (New handme down toy from the triplets!  She LOVES it!)
20. In the morning (homemade applesauce muffins - yum!)
21. Rule of thirds (2 of our 3 girls)
22. Made me smile (silly shades)
23. From my childhood (My mom's dad made this table and chairs and I used it as a little kid - my girls are now growing up with it)
24. Space (Maggie has lots of space to run)
25. H is for...(Happy Hammond girl)
26. Curve (teaching a new puppy to walk on a leash has it's learning curves)
27. WTF? (horrible wind storm in the night picked up the gator and dropped it on top of another truck)
28. 10 o'clock (found this girl in a bridesmaid dress playing my guitar in our closet)
29. Gold (I struck gold when we tried mac n cheese on this girl - she LOVES it!)
30. Found (Maggie found a lap to lay on)

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  1. Definitely better late than never! I love it! I totally remember playing at that little table as kids:-). Happy memories!


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