Thursday, October 10, 2013


Chloe started Soccertots again last Saturday.  We now have been doing the fall session for 3 years and she continues to LOVE it!  I am excited about this year because they opened the whole gym up again.  Last year it was spilt in half so there wasn't as much room to run and play.  I am surprised every time I watch C and how FAST she is!!  They scrimmaged one-on-one at the end and C made 2 goals against another boy.  Poor guy didn't even stand a chance - she was just so fast she took off without him.  Maybe next time she will get a better opponent.  I love Soccertots because it's more of playing games, red-light, green-light or picking up cones with their feet and just having fun rather than playing actual soccer against other teams.
 In motion...

 Setting the cones out

 On their soccer spots listening to coach Fiona

 driving cars and kicking soccer balls

 Soccer stance

This is the pic I got of her making a goal - see what I mean...FAST! LOL


  1. Fun! Where is this at? K would love to do that, but I don't think I can handle another thing on our schedule!!!

  2. Looking good Chloe-girl!! Miss being there with you guys for 3 years in a row!


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