Monday, October 7, 2013

Triplets turn 2!

On Saturday September 21st the triplets, Opal, Scarlett and Isaac turned 2!!!  I still remember that day when 3 precious babies entered the world like it was yesterday.  They have grown so much and have such personalities now.  The girls remind me so much of their momma, whom I love so dearly!! Happy Birthday Opal, Scarlett and Isaac!!



Layla might need this toy for her birthday!  So fun and cute!

Layla and Chloe playing in the tunnel

Teeter Totter fun!! 

 Grandma Sherry and Chloe taking a turn - HAHA!

Awesome train table they got!

Balloons are FUN! LOVE these smiles!  O, I and S

Layla in the ball pit

Chloe trying on the masks
Elephant, Kitty or Zebra??

my girls having fun driving the little tikes princess cars.  BEEP! BEEP!

Chloe in the bouncy house with her giraffe balloon


My gorgeous bff and her beautiful girls!!  Can't get enough of these 3!

We were missing Ike in these pics!! I think he was busy playing with the other boys:)

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  1. What a fun party! Those gray polka dot dresses are too cute! Looks like your girls had a great time!


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