Thursday, November 21, 2013

More October Instagrams

Happy Fall y'all

Video of Layla saying MA MA mama

First soccer Saturday!  Our girl scored 2 goals - go Chloe!

Pumpkin pickin' this morning at the patch north of Davenport! Highly recommend - lots of good ones!!

A couple of Rodeo Clowns ready for clown night at Awanas!

The new "lip scrunched" face.  Love her funny faces!

They may look like angels dressed up for bible character night at Awanas, but mine however was acting nothing like an angel!!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

October photo a day

1. Something colorful (a new chew toy)
2. light (a monster, a pumpkin, a spider, and a bat)
3. you today (snuggled up with my girls who both fell asleep on me before 7:30)
4. in motion (two giggly girls)
5. afternoon (snooze in the car on the way home)
6. 8 o'clock (early morning target practice. 2 shots dead on - ready to go next weekend!)
7. what you saw today (lasagna and greenbean aftermath)
8. corner (Chloe's creative corner)
9. pink (this girls fav headband, bracelet, scarf, jacket and boots)
10. hands (UP! silly rodeo clowns)
11. m is for...(market! farmers market pumpkins and my lil punkin' ready for the carving contest)
12. below (Clay 15 feet under me taking this pic of my first time in the treestand)
13. watching (for deer and hunting for a buck)
14. favorite space (she can't get enough of Chloe's chair)
15. secret (it isn't a secret who Layla Wade looks like)

17. leafy (playing with my little L in the leaves today - she didn't eat TOO many;))
18. still (both girls sound asleep in the car after a super fun afternoon at Greenbluff)
19. a good day (just me and my Chloe Kay having a girls day)
20. open (open mouth kisses for 2nd cousin baby Jordan)
21. then + now (old doors, gold knobs, no doors, new knobs and trim!)
22. change (growing and changing daily - 9 months check up today.  Our big girl is 23lbs (98%) and 29" (95%).  She still has no teeth, likes to wave at everyone and now says "uh oh" and "mama")
23. your mood today (dog tired like Maggie)
24. dark (SO dark at 5:50 am these days.  Soon I will arrive to work in the dark and leave in the dark)
25. welcome (to the kitty mansion courtesy of Chloe and Addie)
26. depth of field (these deer may appear closer than they really are)
27. peaceful (Sunday morning snooze on mommy)
28. just for you (a HAPPY BIRTHDAY hug for the best Poppy ever)
29. hair (spray painted purple for Halloween!)
30. wet (Layla loves to chew and suck on wet washcloths)
31. treat (Layla's FIRST Halloween! Trick or Treat)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ice Skating

Monday was the Veteran's Day holiday - Chloe had no school and Clay and I both were observing the holiday as well.  Ever since we went to Disney on Ice Chloe has been begging me to take her ice skating again.  I took her once when she was 3 and I just held her under her arms as we went around the rink.  I wanted to take her again last year but since I was pregnant I didn't want to risk falling:)  Monday was a GORGEOUS November day so we decided to go to the ice palace.  Chloe couldn't wait especially since not only was mommy skating with her but Auntie Jessi was coming as well!  We arrived before Poppy and Aunt Jessi so we did a few rides...Layla LOVED the little merry go round.  Clay and I just stood on the sides as she went around just in case:) Then it was ice skating time!  Chloe is bigger so holding her under the arms wasn't as easy plus she wanted to do it herself!  She fell quite a few times but was being extremely tough and kept getting back up.  After about an hour and a half she was getting the hang of it. She did not want to go AT ALL! So with that said I have a feeling we will be back to the ice palace again this year:)  It was such a fun day!


Monday, November 11, 2013

Rockin Ever After

On Thursday night we went to Disney on Ice "Rockin Ever After."  The four princesses, Ariel, Tangled, Brave and Belle were there.  We went with a group of 8 (4 daughters and 4 moms).  It was such a GOOD show, even the moms enjoyed it;)  Our plan was to go to dinner at Red Robin before the show but once we realized that we didn't have enough time we just went to the food court.  We met Nicole, McCall and McGuire there.  First thing we "had" to do when we got to the arena was buy a $12 snow cone in a princess cup.  The snow cone cost as much as our tickets for the show!  Oh well, the girls had a blast and are already looking forward to going again next year! 
the dinner crew
Addie, Samantha, Chloe, McGuire, Sawyer and McCall 

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Halloween Professionals

Before Halloween I saw this photographer in Spokane was hosting a professional Halloween photo shoot to raise money for  a group in Haiti.  For $12 to go towards a good cause I signed my girls up!  The photographer was the sweetest lady, it only took about 10 minutes, and I love how the pictures turned out!  The individuals of the girls are my favorites.  I loved this idea so much because it's always hard to get good pictures on Halloween when they are so excited to go out trick or treating and the last thing they want is their pictures taken;)  I hope she will offer this again next year!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween Night

 On Halloween night we started out at Hutsell's so we could get pictures of the two strawberries.  Raylee wanted nothing to do with her costume but I still got a couple of cute ones;)  After that we went home for jack o'lantern pizza with Grandma, Nana and Poppy.  It has been getting dark earlier as we approach winter so we all headed out around 5:30 to trick or treat.  First stop is always Auntie D's and Uncle Luke's which we should switch to last because Auntie D always buys a really fun little toy and after Chloe sees it she is ready to just go home and play with it.  This year each girl got a dolly which they both LOVE!  I will have to post a picture of them with their dolly's - too cute!  After that stop we made our way down Main street.  Chloe wasn't quite as into it as she was last year, I think she was just tired from all of the excitement and her party at school.  Layla however loved it - watching all of the people, riding on daddy's shoulders and being outside, her favorite!  Luckily it was a fairly warm night which made it all that much more enjoyable too:)  We had a super fun night!

 My girls

 Looks like Layla is saying "what's wrong with her?!" haha  And Chloe just smiles...

Auntie D. the candy corn and Chloe the witch

Art - the PIRATE

Not a very good picture but there is nothing sweeter than daddy with his girls.

Trick or TREAT

Kindergarten Halloween Party

On Halloween there was a party in the Kindergarten classroom.  The kids dressed in their costumes and paraded through the school - in and out of every classroom as the other classes joined in.  Then back in their classroom they shared treats, treats, and more treats and lastly played a game.  It was such a fun hour for me to spend with Chloe in her classroom!!

 Mrs. Mielke's Kindergarten class


 Samantha and Addie

 McGuire and Sawyer

 A glimpse at the whole class

 Ring POP!

 Samantha and Chloe

Sawyer and Chloe
Preschool friends Samantha, Addie and Chloe