Friday, November 1, 2013


On Friday the 18th Clay, Layla and I went and took Chloe out of school at lunch.  Our tradition has always been to go to Greenbluff every year on a Friday.  We had a bad experience on a weekend (WAY too many people) so that's why we have always gone on a Friday.  At first Chloe was really upset and didn't want to leave school or her friends but after the day was over she was happy that we did.  We had such a fun afternoon and it was a beautiful fall day! 
Annual "How Tall This Fall" photo!  Getting SO Tall!

 And another photo tradition.
 Layla's first year!

Both girls checking their heights

After doing our traditional photos at Walter's we headed to our other favorite farm - Knopp's! 

 I LOVE this sweet photo of Chloe helping her sister with the reins.

Chloe driving Layla

 Hay Maze

that face!

 Punkin' Chuckin'

 Chloe being the helper with the pumpkin

 One last ride in the sleigh

And our pumpkins!

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  1. Love their matching Halloween shirts! We'll have to try Knopp's next year! It looks really fun!


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