Friday, November 8, 2013

Halloween Night

 On Halloween night we started out at Hutsell's so we could get pictures of the two strawberries.  Raylee wanted nothing to do with her costume but I still got a couple of cute ones;)  After that we went home for jack o'lantern pizza with Grandma, Nana and Poppy.  It has been getting dark earlier as we approach winter so we all headed out around 5:30 to trick or treat.  First stop is always Auntie D's and Uncle Luke's which we should switch to last because Auntie D always buys a really fun little toy and after Chloe sees it she is ready to just go home and play with it.  This year each girl got a dolly which they both LOVE!  I will have to post a picture of them with their dolly's - too cute!  After that stop we made our way down Main street.  Chloe wasn't quite as into it as she was last year, I think she was just tired from all of the excitement and her party at school.  Layla however loved it - watching all of the people, riding on daddy's shoulders and being outside, her favorite!  Luckily it was a fairly warm night which made it all that much more enjoyable too:)  We had a super fun night!

 My girls

 Looks like Layla is saying "what's wrong with her?!" haha  And Chloe just smiles...

Auntie D. the candy corn and Chloe the witch

Art - the PIRATE

Not a very good picture but there is nothing sweeter than daddy with his girls.

Trick or TREAT

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  1. Such cute cute costumes!!! I saw the Strawberry costume at Costco and SO wanted to get it but I'd already gotten the ladybug one. Love the dots on Layla's cheeks and Chloe's makeup. So cute! I love how fun it is to do Halloween in our small town!


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