Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ice Skating

Monday was the Veteran's Day holiday - Chloe had no school and Clay and I both were observing the holiday as well.  Ever since we went to Disney on Ice Chloe has been begging me to take her ice skating again.  I took her once when she was 3 and I just held her under her arms as we went around the rink.  I wanted to take her again last year but since I was pregnant I didn't want to risk falling:)  Monday was a GORGEOUS November day so we decided to go to the ice palace.  Chloe couldn't wait especially since not only was mommy skating with her but Auntie Jessi was coming as well!  We arrived before Poppy and Aunt Jessi so we did a few rides...Layla LOVED the little merry go round.  Clay and I just stood on the sides as she went around just in case:) Then it was ice skating time!  Chloe is bigger so holding her under the arms wasn't as easy plus she wanted to do it herself!  She fell quite a few times but was being extremely tough and kept getting back up.  After about an hour and a half she was getting the hang of it. She did not want to go AT ALL! So with that said I have a feeling we will be back to the ice palace again this year:)  It was such a fun day!


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  1. Oh my back aches looking at these pictures. We tried to take the girls last year and Boo had to be supported the entire time. :P I think we'll take just K this year! Looks like you guys picked a perfect day for it! When we went it was really crowded and hard to keep from running into people.


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