Thursday, November 7, 2013

Layla 10 months

On Halloween Layla turned 10 months old!  I cannot even believe that in a couple months she will be 1 year old.  She is such a happy little girl.  Here is what she has been up to this last month...
Sleeps 11-12 hours straight at night (7pm to between 6 and 7am)
Takes 2 naps a day
Still has no teeth (I was looking at Chloe's baby book and she had 5 teeth at 10 months!)
Says Mama and UH OH quite regularly
LOVES giving kisses - open mouth kisses haha!
Is just starting to try and take a step here and there (Nov. 6th is now taking 6-7 steps at a time)
Eats pretty much anything put in front of her - she is not picky;)
Feeds herself with her left hand (wondering if she will be left-handed like daddy)
started waving bye-bye this month, sometimes forward and sometimes backwards
LOVES reading books - as you will see below.
She is quite the little ham to strangers giving her best squinted eye cheesiest no teeth smile.

And for a little Throwback Thursday...
Here is Chloe in the same outfit but she was 15 months!!

At 11 months Chloe weighed 22lbs and was 90% for height...
At 10 months Layla weighed 23lbs and was 95% for height:)

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  1. I love the mischievous look in her eye. She looks like she has quite the personality! Love the throwback!


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