Tuesday, November 19, 2013

October photo a day

1. Something colorful (a new chew toy)
2. light (a monster, a pumpkin, a spider, and a bat)
3. you today (snuggled up with my girls who both fell asleep on me before 7:30)
4. in motion (two giggly girls)
5. afternoon (snooze in the car on the way home)
6. 8 o'clock (early morning target practice. 2 shots dead on - ready to go next weekend!)
7. what you saw today (lasagna and greenbean aftermath)
8. corner (Chloe's creative corner)
9. pink (this girls fav color...pink headband, bracelet, scarf, jacket and boots)
10. hands (UP! silly rodeo clowns)
11. m is for...(market! farmers market pumpkins and my lil punkin' ready for the carving contest)
12. below (Clay 15 feet under me taking this pic of my first time in the treestand)
13. watching (for deer and hunting for a buck)
14. favorite space (she can't get enough of Chloe's chair)
15. secret (it isn't a secret who Layla Wade looks like)

17. leafy (playing with my little L in the leaves today - she didn't eat TOO many;))
18. still (both girls sound asleep in the car after a super fun afternoon at Greenbluff)
19. a good day (just me and my Chloe Kay having a girls day)
20. open (open mouth kisses for 2nd cousin baby Jordan)
21. then + now (old doors, gold knobs, no trim...new doors, new knobs and trim!)
22. change (growing and changing daily - 9 months check up today.  Our big girl is 23lbs (98%) and 29" (95%).  She still has no teeth, likes to wave at everyone and now says "uh oh" and "mama")
23. your mood today (dog tired like Maggie)
24. dark (SO dark at 5:50 am these days.  Soon I will arrive to work in the dark and leave in the dark)
25. welcome (to the kitty mansion courtesy of Chloe and Addie)
26. depth of field (these deer may appear closer than they really are)
27. peaceful (Sunday morning snooze on mommy)
28. just for you (a HAPPY BIRTHDAY hug for the best Poppy ever)
29. hair (spray painted purple for Halloween!)
30. wet (Layla loves to chew and suck on wet washcloths)
31. treat (Layla's FIRST Halloween! Trick or Treat)

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