Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday Layla Wade!!

So many memories made this year!  A year ago today you completed our little family. 
Happy 1st birthday buggy boo - we love you!!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

CDA part 4

After the light show we all went to dinner at the restaurant right inside of the hotel called Beverly's.  It was delicious and such a fun night!!  I would love for this to be a tradition that we do every year.  The only bummer was that there were rowdy kids in the room above us so we didn't get much sleep unfortunately:(  The next morning we woke up and went swimming over at the hotel that everyone else stayed in because the pool at the CDA resort wasn't open for kids until 9:(  Chloe had fun swimming again and after we all ate breakfast the boys + buggy headed to Cabela's and the girls went to the movie "Frozen."  Chloe and I saw it for a 2nd time - what a CUTE movie!!!  Probably one of my fav Disney movies!
buggy boo with Uncle Luke

Poppy giving the rub down

Love these people SO MUCH!

Look at that dessert!!!

mesmerized by the lights

buggy and daddy:)

our view from our room at night!

CDA part 3

Time for the light show on the boat!!

Buggy fell asleep before we got on but woke up half way thru so saw some of the lights

SANTA!!!  Even read Chloe's name on his "good list"

The lights were amazing and awesome!!  Cubbie was in aww especially of Santa and his workshop.  She asked "is that really where Santa lives??"  Her favorite was this dragon that was blowing real fire.

LOVE this little family of mine!!

CDA part 2

Here are just some random pictures of the girls hanging out in the hotel -
Layla LOVED the 2 steps, up and down she went.

CDA Part 1

Last weekend we went to Coeur d'Alene for an overnight stay and to go see the Holiday Light Show.  We checked in Saturday afternoon and before we got on the boat to see the light show we had to go SWIMMING!!! 
 Daddy and Layla checking out our view from our balcony

 Layla was not fond of the swimming pool which makes me nervous about our upcoming mommy and me swim lessons:(

 Chloe, however LOVES swimming - she is my water baby!

 Nana and Poppy went swimming with the girls
 Chloe Bear aka Cubbie
 Layla Buggy Boo or as daddy likes to call her
"soft and squishy" ahaha
Daddy get me OUT OF HERE!!

Pajama Day and Party

 The last day of school before winter break the Kindergarten class had a pajama day and a Christmas party.  Chloe was super excited about wearing her pajamas to school - she of course picked her Ariel jams.  I went up to the school at 10am to join the class for their party and brought string cheeses for a snack.  A lot of kids brought snacks and goodies.  After treats they played musical presents to exchange a $3 gift.  Chloe got a purple cheetah blanket which is right up her alley!  It was a fun party and after lunch they went to the gym to watch "The Polar Express."  After school Chloe went with the cheerleaders to Cheer Camp, which she loved!!  I'd say it was a perfect last day before winter break!



Saturday, December 28, 2013

Winter Dance Recital

Chloe had a winter dance recital before Christmas and she tap danced to "Rocking around the Christmas Tree."  The girls did great and they looked so cute up there.
Funny face

Chloe with her buddies McGuire and McCall

All 4 kiddos

Layla and Poppy watching big sister dance.  Yes she is in her pj's!  We weren't sure how long the recital would last and since it was right at her bedtime we thought she might crash during the performance.

The whole crew

Chloe and friend T

Chloe and friends S and B