Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11 Months!

Layla is now 11 months old!  SO close to being 1 year.  She is quite the busy girl as you will see in the following photos.  Can't get her to hold still for even one picture hardly!  Here is what she was up to in November...
Finally cut 1 tooth - the bottom left (I took these pics on 12/08 and she now has both top and both bottom teeth - they all came thru the first week in December at the same time)
slept 10 hours straight at night - which is less than before but she took longer naps this month.  Sometimes sleeping an hour in the am and 2 hours in the pm
eats anything you put in front of her
walks everywhere now and hardly crawls
says mama, uh oh, baba (bottle), and hot -  still no dada:(
barks like Maggie (sounds like ARF ARF)
points to nose and eyes
lights up when she sees big sister Chloe
constantly unplugs our electric couches - she is mischievous!
wants to be outside even when it's SO COLD!
has such a happy personality:)

and trying to stand...

That bottom toothie!!


  1. Haha, these pictures cracked me up! Looks like she is just as busy as our little Peanut! Such a fun, and exhausting age!

  2. No holding this little girl down or back! She will make life more interesting for you all. Love that little toof.


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