Saturday, December 21, 2013

Charlie Brown Tree

This year we had this great idea to go find and cut down our Christmas tree.  Our old one was a fake tree that was pre-lit and one of the strands of lights had failed so it is pretty much done:(  Poppy came in and we all headed out to this place where we knew we could find and cut one down.  We found the perfect little pine tree...or so we thought!!  When we got home it was HUGE!!  The limbs were protruding into the hallway but Clay thought he could just tie up the limbs a little and it would be good to go.  A couple hours all over my nicely painted wall:(  Chloe was super upset but this was not going to be our Charlie Brown Christmas tree:(  Outside it went to be decorated with lights in our yard.  Over the next week we talked and talked about what to do and finally when Clay was doing grocery shopping he decided to just pick up a fake tree.  Too bad he didn't get a pre-lit one or get enough lights for it.  HAHA I seriously will laugh every year when I think back to our tree dilemmas and how I actually love how it turned out.  So what if it has 3 different kinds of lights on it and all of the ornaments are hung in the middle away from little hands reaches - to us it's beautiful!



  1. Wow, that sounds like an ordeal! I love my fake Christmas tree. T always had a live one growing up and really misses it, so we have a deal that if we ever stay home for Christmas we will get a real tree. When we are gone for two weeks visiting the grandparents it hardly seems worth it to go to all the trouble to get a real tree! And yes, they are always so much bigger inside than they looked outside!

  2. Good for you for going with the flow...Christmas defies you to let it be ruined---NEVER! Best part is you recorded the process and have that fun memory. I love the photos...hohoho!


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