Thursday, December 19, 2013

November PHOTO A DAY


  1. fruit - Flashback Friday from Halloween two little strawberries
  2. I did this today - Turkey BINGO! No taters, ham or turkey for us:(
  3. P is for...-PLAID dress, a new fav outfit at the moment
  4. table - sitting together waiting for lunch at Waddell's with mommy, daddy, grandma, nana and poppy
  5. I collect - kids books!  We have SO many but I can't help myself there are too many cute ones!
  6. music - beeping the horn and playing the piano on the princess car
  7. yes! - attempted and conquered the dutch braids
  8. someone I miss - our Odenrider friends!  Finally were able to catch up over dinner tonight - it's been way too long!!
  9. mine - took these 3 kiddos to soccertos today ~ middle one is definitely mine!
  10. book - Layla's favorite book at the moment "Ten Little Kisses." She kisses the animals on every page and looks at me funny when I make oink oink sounds.
  11. a memory - I will always remember this beautiful and FUN day ice skating with Chloe!
  12. clouds - on our morning drive to soccertots
  13. part of me - hopes they always play this well together
  14. eating - or drinking a baba
  15. in my purse/pocket - quarters for the ride at soccertots
  16. play - shuffleboard!! Fun night out with these girls and our guys.
  17. 5 o'clock - playing together with their babies before dinner
  18. mirror - I spy a laylabug in my mirror looking out the back window (don't worry we are parked and daddy is with her in the back)
  19. where I ate breakfast - next to this happy little girl
  20. communication - if she could talk I think she would say peek-a-boo mommy I see you through this window
  21. I wish I had this - a baby and a baba to put me to sleep - haha!
  22. behind - so fast I usually only get a pic of her from this view
  23. simplicity - no toys just good ol' fun walking around in the fresh air.
  24. a word - kisses
  25. quirky - her fav sleep position, butt up!
  26. message - the best kind!
  27.  no! - she loves to tear up toilet paper into tiny pieces.
  28. I am grateful for...SO much, my life, my mom, my in-laws, my biggest supporter, aka my husband, best friends, this beautiful Thanksgiving day and most of all my two precious girls that I couldn't imagine living this life without!!
  29. black - Maggie
  30. all done - long morning but finally in the car and crashed out.


  1. Lol, these are all great, but I especially love the one of Layla licking Chloe! Too funny!

  2. This whole year went just too fast. So fun that you are getting lots of the sweet details recorded...THAT's where the time went! Now we know:).

  3. Love, love, love! Good work getting it done buddy!


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