Wednesday, January 29, 2014

12 month check-up

Today Layla had her 12 month check-up.  It was originally scheduled for 2 weeks ago but since she had double ear infections going on, we didn't feel like it was a good idea to get all of her shots at that time.  SO today was the day - 3 shots in the legs:( Makes a momma feel sooooo bad!!  Especially when you are holding their arms down.  UGH! Dada ~ it's your turn next time! I was SHOCKED when the nurse said she has grown a whole 4 inches since her 9 month check up!  She is now 100% for her height.  I'm willing to bet that  Layla is going to surpass Chloe in height because Chlo was always in the 90-95% range.  Here are the rest of buggy's stats:
25lbs 14oz - 98% / 32 3/4 inches tall - 100% / 19in head circumference 98%
A little side note - as I was holding poor buggy's arms above her head and listening to her cry I looked down in her mouth and saw a shiny left back molar poked thru!  The right molar is right under the surface about to come thru as well!!  So that's 3 on top and 3 on bottom now.
Such a little ham - she was flirting and cheesing it up all morning at Grandma's infusion appointment.  And here at her dr. appointment making funny faces at her self in the mirror.  These are signature Layla faces especially those puckered lips!!  LOVE HER!

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  1. Lol, those lips are hilarious!! I know what you mean about shots. This last time I decided I was done! I have been to every shot appointment all three of them have had. I just can't do it anymore! T will have to take over from here on out!

    Glad Layla is healthy and growing! Such a cutie pie!


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