Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Eve!

This year Christmas fell on a Wednesday and since that is my normal day off I got Christmas Eve off as well!  Clay always gets both days off so it was nice to all be home together.  In the morning we pretty much just cleaned the house and got ready for all of our company.  Chloe made these snowman name places for everyone that would be coming for Christmas.  Around 4pm Grandma came and brought her gifts for the girls to open.  She told Chloe that Santa brought her a gift to her house and it was the princess guitar that she had asked for.  She was thrilled!  Grandma also spoiled her with a fun Barbie Lego pool set, an Ariel magnet set and a Dr. coat with all the accessories.  She absolutely loved the Dr. set and played and played with that.  Grandma got Layla a talking rocking horse - she played with it for awhile but then seemed uninterested.  Plus since she looked almost too big for it we decided to just return it.  She also got books for both of the girls which they love.  After those presents were all opened Nana, Poppy and Jessi arrived so then there were more presents!  Layla got her first Barbie doll and a John Deere truck.  Chloe was so excited to get the Frozen Elsa dress, Anna Barbie and Kristoff.  Everyone else, Auntie D., Uncle Luke, Art, Carolyn and Dayna, and Grammy, arrived shortly after all of the presents were opened so we ate appetizers and kept checking the Santa tracker to see where he was.  Auntie D. and Chloe had fun doing that together.  After we all were stuffed with yummy appetizers Chloe serenaded us on the guitar.  It was such a fun night, but after all those gifts I was wondering if Santa even needed to come!!! :)  We set out the cookies and milk and waited to see if he would...

Thanks Aunt Jessi for the bright red lipstick;) love it haha

 what is this?
 There is a Dr. in the house!

the back...

Dr. Chloe on staff

Grandma cuddles

Santa tracking

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