Wednesday, January 15, 2014

december photo a day

Last month of 2013...DECEMBER!!!
1. RED (our new addition...HER name is Ginger)
2. WHERE I STOOD (back and watched her walk the mall with her shopping bag in hand)
3. SILVER (on Layla's ballerina stocking)
4. TINY (bottom toothie finally captured along with a yogurt face)
5. IN THE CUPBOARD (Ginger drinking from Layla's cup)
6. SHADOW (Layla is Chloe's shadow following her every move - hence the same expressions in this pic)
7. 6 O'CLOCK (getting ready to watch a movie for the big sleepover! Layla wants to be right with the big girls)
8. I SHOP HERE (Christmas shopping done thanks to amazon prime and free 2 day shipping!)
9. THIS IS THE WEATHER TODAY (frigid cold 10 degrees)
10. R IS FOR...(Reindeer aka Clarise, Simba and Nala leading Santa Chloe's sleigh)
11. GREEN (Christmas tree)
12. JOY IS...(my girls ~ who make me smile every single day!)
13. COMPOSITION (just a nakey, diaper-only girl with her snow boots on. Her favorite way to be)
14. DRINK (water and more water ~ trying to pass a 8mm kidney stone today)
15. LIGHTS (3 different kinds of lights on our tree this year - oops!)
16. MAKES ME FEEL MERRY (Chloe in her Christmas dress, ready for her first winter school concert)
17. TREE (putting the star on with a little help from daddy)
18. BIG (my baby is getting SO BIG)
19. TIS THE SEASON FOR (snow!)
20. I'M LISTENING TO (sisters giggling in the bathtub)
21. ON THE DOOR (a snowflake window cling made by Cubby)
22. SPARKLY (a heart shirt and a wreath)
23. TRADITION (1st year going to see the lights on the boat but might have to make it a tradition)
24. WRAPPED (in a sister hug)
25. BEST BIT OF MY DAY (every single minute of this day watching my girls together, enjoying family, food and presents!!!)
26. WHERE I SLEPT (in the hospital today when I was put under for shockwave lithotripsy to blast that kidney stone)
27. WHAT I AM DOING NOW (grocery shopping)
28. SOMETHING AWESOME (birthday girl's outfit)
29. REFLECT (best bit of 2013 - this is a video)
30. ME (and my beautiful girls)
31. CELEBRATE (Layla's 1st birthday and New Year's Eve with good friends!)

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