Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy 1st Birthday Layla Wade!

Our buggy turned 1 year old!  I cannot believe that it has been a year since she was born.  She officially has 3 teeth on the top and 2 on the bottom.  She had double ear infections the first part of January which I think had to do with the teething:(  She now says Hi which sounds like "eye" and even put two words together yesterday Hi Dada!  She points to her hair, ear, nose and eye and just recently found her belly button.  Bath time is her favorite and I think the mommy and me swim lessons has really been great for being comfortable in the water.  Last night she put her face down in the water and Chloe was teaching her how to blow bubbles.  It was so cute!  She does not like hair bows or pony tails and you will see in the pictures where she is trying to pull it out.  We are still doing bottles but just this week switched from formula to milk and that has gone well.  Hopefully we can switch to tippy cups soon although she really LOVES her baba's so might be challenging.  Layla is always happy to be outside - she will go to the door and try putting her coat on as a hint;)  She is not a picky eater but I would say pizza, mac and cheese and just plain cheese are favorites.  This last month she has been going to bed around 6:30-7 and sleeping until 6-6:30 in the morning.  On a good day she will take a 2 hour nap.  She absolutely is in awe of her sissy and follows her lead always.  She is also a little ornery!!  This girl can find a marker anywhere and then proceeds to color on the walls and if the bathroom is left open the toilet is game for things to be thrown in!  We love this girl SO much and can't even imagine life without her!  Happy Birthday Buggy!!
We celebrated Layla's birthday on January 1st.  It was a Ladybug birthday party!  Clay and Nana made homemade pizzas and we had red velvet cupcakes for dessert.  We had lots of family and friends over and it was a great little 1st birthday!  Thanks everyone for coming and for all of the fun gifts for our girl!
This is how mommy feels about her girl being 1 already!! HAHA 

Layla Ladybug in her party outfit

We got the birthday girl this ladybug blanket and a ladybug ball

Going for the bow
Ladybug Ball


with grammy

I think every little one loves balls! 
 We got L the ball pit in the background and she is having so much fun with it!

The only picture I could get of them together

had to take a "baba" break mid party

sissy helping her open presents

a baby!

She LOVED this ladybug balloon from Auntie D and Uncle Luke

Make a wish birthday girl


Here Grandma have a bite
Now Grammy's turn for a bite

She had to give everyone a taste

Having fun with Carolyn's sparkly phone

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  1. Love the ladybug party! I was thinking of doing that for K's bday in May. I love the black and red tutu. I can't believe how fast these little ones are growing up! A hates hair things too and she also has no hair so she looks like a boy. :/ I love how long and thick Layla's hair is! So pretty!


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