Sunday, January 12, 2014

More Christmas

I thought I was done posting Christmas pictures but when I went to download other pictures found these...
The dinner table is set!
 Chloe playing the guitar
 The prime rib all cooked

Trying out the timer on my camera

Chloe and Auntie Jessi ready to eat

Layla undressing - her new favorite thing to do.  Check out the nose - she fell on our driveway:(

The boys cutting the meat

Everyone - minus me taking the picture

Carolyn brought these fun party poppers and they had these fun hats in them so we all put them on.

Me and my girl
Our family:)  Layla ripped her party hat right off. HAHA

Layla opening her present from Grammy

Kisses for her new baby doll

Gift from Grammy - MORE makeup!

And everyone opening presents from Jessi - she made all the girls infinity scarfs and Layla a blankie!  LOVE them!  Then gifts from Uncle Luke and Auntie D. and Art and Carolyn.  Thank you everyone for coming, all the presents and the awesome family time!  Love you all!!

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  1. Wow you guys had quite the crew there to celebrate! Poor Layla's nose! Looks painful. :/


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