Saturday, February 22, 2014

swimming + the FUN spot!

This is what our Saturdays look like currently - swim lessons for Chloe and then the FUN SPOT!!!  She has her lesson at 11am and then we head directly over to the fun spot to eat lunch and play.  We love our Saturday mornings and have so much fun that on our way home usually 1 or both girls fall asleep. 

I want to get in mommy - can I??

Face under!

Not a very good picture but had to show how she is swimming all on her own now!!


Chloe helped her sister climb the whole tree house jungle gym - Layla LOVED it.  She has the look of terror as they came down the big slide together but went right back up again.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mommy's Valentine's

The weekend before Valentine's Day I took these pictures of the girls in their matching HEART shirts.  I'm so glad I did because on Valentine's Day I got a call from the school at 11am that Chloe had gotten sick:(  When I picked her up my HEART was breaking for her as she cried about missing her Valentine's party at school.  When we got home she ate and drank just fine and as much as she assured me she was fine to go to her party I knew I couldn't send her back.  She was HEART broken to miss that party but Mrs. M. is letting Chloe bring her treat bags on Tuesday when she returns to school.  I don't know what happened at school other than a fluke tummy ache because she was fine the whole rest of the day and into the weekend.  Thank goodness!!  Luckily before she got sick her Valentine from daddy was delivered to the school - a balloon, a unicorn and a single rose.  Then when she got home she was surprised with another pink unicorn from mommy - one that she has been wanting.  Buggy a got daisy duck stuffed animal.  Both girls loved their valentines.  We are SO blessed to call these girls ours.  Mommy and Daddy LOVE you both SO MUCH!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Throwing back V-day

Throwing back past Valentine's Days...
Chloe's first Valentine's Day - 6 months old
Chloe 18 months old
She has loved these stuffed Nala and Simba animals since!
Chloe 2 years old
Wearing her Valentine hat she made at Preschool
Chloe 3 years old

Chloe 4 years old and Layla 1 month old

Chloe 5 years old and Layla 1 year old
Aren't they the sweetest and cutest Valentine's you've ever seen?! 
LOVE YOU girls with every inch of my whole being!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Layla 13 Months

Layla turned 13 months at the end of January. 
 That day came and went so fast that I didn't even take our monthly pictures.  So instead here are a bunch from her playing in the sink - a new favorite thing to do! 
 Other fav things at 13 months...
- loves her 2 blankies and her baby that she sleeps with nightly
- still loves her baba and we are working on eliminating that...kind of anyways;)
- loves pretty much any food - she ate a whole bunch of daddy's summer sausage this week
 - loves water!  Anytime Clay or I say we are taking a shower she is on our trail to get in too.
- gets fussy right at 5:00 pm when her dinner alarm goes off
 - she then knows it's time for bath, baba and rocking with mama before night-night
 - goes to bed at 7pm typically, sometimes 6:30pm if she didn't get a good nap
 - goes off and on taking 1 or 2 naps but it has been 2 more often than 1 lately
- sleeps till between 5:30am -7am (I think on early mornings she hears daddy up)
- LOVES her sister and looks up to her so much (the bond between them is the best!)
- says HI a lot and waves at strangers
- loves to give Maggie open mouth kisses (ICK!)
- has 5 front teeth and 2 bottom back molars are poked thru
- still does her signature lip scrunch
- loves to read books all day long, one after another
- puts everything in her mouth!! and when she sees you are after her - she RUNS!
- likes to attempt "jumping"  She throws one arm up and goes for it!
- no new words this month although Nana swears she said "deer" once
 -  runs to the door when she hears someone come in
- always wants to be outside with daddy when he is out
She is our beautiful, adventurous, hilarious BUGGY!!  We can't imagine this life without her in it!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More January in Instagrams

More JANUARY 2014...
Birthday Party Girl!
#firstbirthday #ladybugparty #buggyboo
She is ready to go swimming!!
#firstswimsuit #shelovesit 
 We didn't make it through the whole lesson but this pictures gives me hope for next week!
#mommyandme #swimlessons

Disney LIVE!! Someone is excited:)
#welovedisney #cantwaittoseetheprincesses

Taking a cleaning break to be super silly with these two!
#newheadbandfad #nailedit #lovemygirls

This is an instagram video of her blowing bubbles!
#bubbles #proudofherself 

Monday, February 17, 2014

January Photo A Day

The month of January went entirely TOO fast!! 
But, I completed another month of the photo a day challenge.  My best friend and I do them together and keep each other on top of it!  Without her I probably would have quit by now.
1. Lunch (buddy fruit pouch, green beans, cottage cheese and some shredded cheddar)
2. Begins With G (girlie GIRLS!  One with multiple necklaces on and the other with bright red lipstick)
3. My Town (Both Clay and I were raised here and now are raising our girls here)
4. Word To Live By (self explanatory)
5. Found (a pink tutu swimsuit for buggy who starts mommy and me swim lessons next weekend)
6. Happens Everyday (naptime - doesn't matter if we are home or in the car)
7. Upside Down (buggy)
8. Lucky Number (Nine)
9. Natural (to always have her tongue sticking out)
10. Manmade (by Chloe - block castle)
11. Looking Down (daddy taking pics at mommy and me swim lessons)
12. Colorful (My Chlo inside and out!)
13. Make Me Smile (my silly girls and their funny faces)
14. 3 Things (2 girls and a playset)
15. Black + White (polka dot shirt)

16. Sun (not going to see it today)
17. Tiny (bit blurry but I love this cheeser smile)
18. Happy Place (Layla's is outside!)
19. Breakfast (mini pancakes - keep em' coming both girls can't get enough today!)
20. To Do List (Chloe can spell and my list includes a toilet that needs fixed "like now!")
21. Blue (new bunny fleecey)
22. Nice! (My big helper feeding buggy lunch)
23. Bedtime (baba for one and cuddles for the other)
24. My Space (in the laundry room is going to be much greater once these huge front loaders are gone!)
25. A Taste Of Winter (we haven't seen the sun in almost 3 weeks)
26. Fun Stuff (out of all the toys my girls always love playing with these Hawaiian Sarong dresses)
27. Something I bought (new washer/dryer - back to the basics!)
28. Dinner (she loves to dip dip)
29. Window (the view from my desk at work.  Finally the sun is shinning after 3 weeks of not seeing it)
30. Best Invention Ever (camera phone to document these silly faces!)
31. Polka Dot (kitty shirt and her first sucker!)

Monday, February 10, 2014

Layla last swim lesson

Saturday February 1st was Layla's last swimming lesson for the session.  Only having 4 lessons it went SO fast!  I loved doing them with her and she has become such a water baby since.  She always loved bath time but now she wants to be in the water all of the time!  If she sees dada or mama getting in the shower she HAS to get in too.  I'm glad she has a love for the water but it also can tend to make a mama nervous!  We definitely will have to be watching her from now on when she is close to water!

Layla 1 year pics

At the beginning of January we went and saw Angie our photographer to take some 1 year pictures of Layla.  I knew she would be really busy inside and it would be hard so I asked if we could do some in the park.  She said that would be fine and even though it was super cold I'm so glad we did them because the outside ones are my favorites.  Here are a few of the best...and 1 of Chloe!