Monday, February 17, 2014

January Photo A Day

The month of January went entirely TOO fast!! 
But, I completed another month of the photo a day challenge.  My best friend and I do them together and keep each other on top of it!  Without her I probably would have quit by now.
1. Lunch (buddy fruit pouch, green beans, cottage cheese and some shredded cheddar)
2. Begins With G (girlie GIRLS!  One with multiple necklaces on and the other with bright red lipstick)
3. My Town (Both Clay and I were raised here and now are raising our girls here)
4. Word To Live By (self explanatory)
5. Found (a pink tutu swimsuit for buggy who starts mommy and me swim lessons next weekend)
6. Happens Everyday (naptime - doesn't matter if we are home or in the car)
7. Upside Down (buggy)
8. Lucky Number (Nine)
9. Natural (to always have her tongue sticking out)
10. Manmade (by Chloe - block castle)
11. Looking Down (daddy taking pics at mommy and me swim lessons)
12. Colorful (My Chlo inside and out!)
13. Make Me Smile (my silly girls and their funny faces)
14. 3 Things (2 girls and a playset)
15. Black + White (polka dot shirt)

16. Sun (not going to see it today)
17. Tiny (bit blurry but I love this cheeser smile)
18. Happy Place (Layla's is outside!)
19. Breakfast (mini pancakes - keep em' coming both girls can't get enough today!)
20. To Do List (Chloe can spell and my list includes a toilet that needs fixed "like now!")
21. Blue (new bunny fleecey)
22. Nice! (My big helper feeding buggy lunch)
23. Bedtime (baba for one and cuddles for the other)
24. My Space (in the laundry room is going to be much greater once these huge front loaders are gone!)
25. A Taste Of Winter (we haven't seen the sun in almost 3 weeks)
26. Fun Stuff (out of all the toys my girls always love playing with these Hawaiian Sarong dresses)
27. Something I bought (new washer/dryer - back to the basics!)
28. Dinner (she loves to dip dip)
29. Window (the view from my desk at work.  Finally the sun is shinning after 3 weeks of not seeing it)
30. Best Invention Ever (camera phone to document these silly faces!)
31. Polka Dot (kitty shirt and her first sucker!)

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  1. Great pics! I totally tried to do this and only lasted about 4 days before I forgot for several days in a row. I love the idea though! It's such a great way to capture those everyday moments that get forgotten.


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