Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Layla 13 Months

Layla turned 13 months at the end of January. 
 That day came and went so fast that I didn't even take our monthly pictures.  So instead here are a bunch from her playing in the sink - a new favorite thing to do! 
 Other fav things at 13 months...
- loves her 2 blankies and her baby that she sleeps with nightly
- still loves her baba and we are working on eliminating that...kind of anyways;)
- loves pretty much any food - she ate a whole bunch of daddy's summer sausage this week
 - loves water!  Anytime Clay or I say we are taking a shower she is on our trail to get in too.
- gets fussy right at 5:00 pm when her dinner alarm goes off
 - she then knows it's time for bath, baba and rocking with mama before night-night
 - goes to bed at 7pm typically, sometimes 6:30pm if she didn't get a good nap
 - goes off and on taking 1 or 2 naps but it has been 2 more often than 1 lately
- sleeps till between 5:30am -7am (I think on early mornings she hears daddy up)
- LOVES her sister and looks up to her so much (the bond between them is the best!)
- says HI a lot and waves at strangers
- loves to give Maggie open mouth kisses (ICK!)
- has 5 front teeth and 2 bottom back molars are poked thru
- still does her signature lip scrunch
- loves to read books all day long, one after another
- puts everything in her mouth!! and when she sees you are after her - she RUNS!
- likes to attempt "jumping"  She throws one arm up and goes for it!
- no new words this month although Nana swears she said "deer" once
 -  runs to the door when she hears someone come in
- always wants to be outside with daddy when he is out
She is our beautiful, adventurous, hilarious BUGGY!!  We can't imagine this life without her in it!

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  1. That lip scrunch kills me. Too cute. I can't believe how fast they are growing! Our two "babies" won't be babies much longer!


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