Friday, February 21, 2014

Mommy's Valentine's

The weekend before Valentine's Day I took these pictures of the girls in their matching HEART shirts.  I'm so glad I did because on Valentine's Day I got a call from the school at 11am that Chloe had gotten sick:(  When I picked her up my HEART was breaking for her as she cried about missing her Valentine's party at school.  When we got home she ate and drank just fine and as much as she assured me she was fine to go to her party I knew I couldn't send her back.  She was HEART broken to miss that party but Mrs. M. is letting Chloe bring her treat bags on Tuesday when she returns to school.  I don't know what happened at school other than a fluke tummy ache because she was fine the whole rest of the day and into the weekend.  Thank goodness!!  Luckily before she got sick her Valentine from daddy was delivered to the school - a balloon, a unicorn and a single rose.  Then when she got home she was surprised with another pink unicorn from mommy - one that she has been wanting.  Buggy a got daisy duck stuffed animal.  Both girls loved their valentines.  We are SO blessed to call these girls ours.  Mommy and Daddy LOVE you both SO MUCH!

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