Saturday, February 22, 2014

swimming + the FUN spot!

This is what our Saturdays look like currently - swim lessons for Chloe and then the FUN SPOT!!!  She has her lesson at 11am and then we head directly over to the fun spot to eat lunch and play.  We love our Saturday mornings and have so much fun that on our way home usually 1 or both girls fall asleep. 

I want to get in mommy - can I??

Face under!

Not a very good picture but had to show how she is swimming all on her own now!!


Chloe helped her sister climb the whole tree house jungle gym - Layla LOVED it.  She has the look of terror as they came down the big slide together but went right back up again.

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  1. Fun! We LOVE the Fun Spot too! That looks like a great place for swimming lessons! Do you know if they are going to be having any more sessions??


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