Wednesday, February 5, 2014

tooth fairy?!

AHHHHHH Chloe girl lost her FIRST TOOTH!!!  Monday night she started wiggling it and by Tuesday after school it was out!  She was at Grandma's when it happened...she said she was eating a fruit roll up (I'm guessing the tooth stuck to it) and all of the sudden she felt the tooth in her mouth so she spit it right out into her hand.  Grandma said at first she kind of started to cry a little, I think in shock but then she got all excited!  Daddy and I were worried about her losing a tooth and how it would go since she typically hates blood and pain but she did AWESOME!  SO proud of you Chloe Kay!  The tooth fairy came last night and brought her $3.00!  She was so excited and even more about going to school today to show off her missing tooth.  I guess her class sings a song to someone when they lose a tooth which makes it special and fun!  Gosh I just can't believe how much this girl is growing up - she is very much my big girl now minus 1 tooth:)


  1. Love the toothless smile! I think it is adorable when they start losing teeth! That's great that it came out on it's own. That is the same tooth K lost first! Love the new smile Chloe!

  2. P.S. Here is the link for the sweater. It's from Amazon


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