Monday, March 31, 2014

Mommy and Me Freezer Meal Party

Last fall I joined a freezer meal group.  We take turns hosting and make 10 freezer meals at each gathering. There are different menu sets that we can choose from each time.  This particular time was the Kidtastic Menu, which is kid friendly meals.  AND to make it even more fun the kids were invited to help make the meals.  I was a little worried going into this party that the kids would last 1 meal and then go play, but they really surprised me and helped thru the whole 10 meals!  Chloe was such a big helper and she had so much fun!  Now every night she asks "can we make my #2 freezer meal for dinner?"  Or whatever number we haven't made yet.  We use Wildtree Products for our meals and we have just loved pretty much every dinner!  I love the variety and the not having to think about what I'm going to make for dinner.  We just take a meal out of the freezer in the morning and it's really simple!  Yay for freezer meals and fun parties like these!
Sami and Chloe 

All of the Kidtastic chefs!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Girls Wine Weekend!!

 This is what happens when your camera has to be sent in for repairs...almost a month long of no pictures besides the ones I've taken on my phone and no blog posts:( 
The first weekend in March I went with some of my best girl friends on a wine tasting weekend in Walla Walla, WA.  It was a short trip - we left early on Saturday morning and were home about noon on Sunday.  In that short period of time we managed to have such a great time!!  I am already looking forward to doing this again next year!  Here are pictures we managed to snap between our phones and Natalie's camera which you will notice a nice fingerprint smudge in the bottom left corner.  HAHA! Not the greatest pics but some awesome memories made!
Nicole and I drove to Ritzville where we met and picked up Natalie.
 We sent this pic with a message to Addie and Mal to say we are on our way!!

We met at the hotel we stayed at - The Marcus Whitman.  There we also met up with Freddy G - our chauffer.  He had his van loaded with water, pop and snacks for us as he took us around to 6 different wineries.  Definitely recommend Freddy - he was great!  

Our first stop was the perfect place to start - Big Harry's Hiney was the name of this wine we are sampling here in this picture.  We immediately got the giggles:)  I am not a big red wine fan but this one I actually enjoyed and brought a bottle home!  Also I want to say here that this was the perfect group of girls - Natalie, Addie and I have been best friends since preschool. Nicole babysat Addie and I and her and I have become so close after having our kiddos so close together.  And then Add brought her friend Mal along and she fit in so perfectly!  Love you girlies!

2nd stop - Reininger! 

3rd stop - L'Ecole.  This stop was so fun because it was an old schoolhouse.

4th stop - The Waterford 
 This place was really fun because we sat out on the patio enjoying the weather.  It started sprinkling soon after this picture but didn't last long.

5th stop - and I don't remember what this place was called!  It was really expensive though!!  At all of the stops there was a $5 tasting fee but if just one of us bought a bottle of wine which usually a couple of us would, then the fee was waived.  At this place they charged $15 per person unless you spent like $40!  SO on a side note we don't want to go here again!  

On the way to the last stop we broke out the cheese, salami and croissants:)
Here we are at the last stop, which I don't remember the name of either!  I know we played some Tom Petty and didn't love the wine.  Another one to surpass next year! 
And here I am modeling one of their hats;) And of course being goofy.

Back to the hotel we had to get a cart just to carry all of that wine...and luggage!

 We went to a French restaurant for dinner which was really delicious and then headed out to a local bar for more girl talk and one last round of drinks.
And we HAD to sign the wall - 2+2+1=GIRLS WEEKEND 2014

Saturday, March 8, 2014

A night out on the town

My friend Tami won a night at the Davenport Hotel so she invited us to join her and her hubby for dinner. We talked to Uncle Luke who got us a room at the Hampton for $29!!  It was a two bed room (which Clay thought was perfect haha) and if it meant not having to drive after going out we were game!  Poppy said he would stay at our house overnight (perfect since Layla only will sleep in her crib at night) with the girls so we were headed out just Clay and I.  I can't remember the last time it was just the two of us on a overnight stay.  We had SUCH a fun night - it ended up being 5 couples.  We met for a drink first at the Peacock Lounge inside the Davenport Hotel.  Then after that we ventured down the street in the snow to the Post Street Ale House for dinner.  It was packed so dinner took awhile to come but we didn't mind since we were all busy chatting.  After dinner we went to the dueling piano bar which I have been wanting to go to for awhile now.  The boys played shuffleboard and us girls watched the entertainment of the piano happenings.  They had people up on the pianos - it was hilarious.  Sounds like Clay and I left a little too soon as a couple of our peeps started dancing bahaha!  Like I said we had such a good night!  And it was the perfect way to celebrate everyone's birthdays - Carey's on the 28th, Clay's on the 2nd, Tami's on the 3rd and Chris's on the 5th!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!  The next morning as Clay and I were enjoying our complimentary breakfast we called Poppy because we were missing our girls like crazy.  After we heard that Chloe was up getting sick in the night we rushed home.  UGH poor girl!!!  By time we got home she was much better and never got sick again.  Boy I'm getting good at dodging puke this year;)

Friday, March 7, 2014

Dr. Seuss & Pajama Day

Last Friday it was pajama day at school along with "Read Across America" day (in honor of Dr. Seuss' birthday)  Every one was to bring a Dr. Seuss book and in her classroom they made Dr. Seuss hats, read the books and watched a Dr. Seuss movie.  Chloe said it was a very fun day!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

More Instagrams in February

Here are a few more February happenings...
Layla was bathed and ready for bed but then saw sissy getting in the tub.  As I turned my back to help Chloe she climbed in jammies and all! #sohappywithherself #waterbaby #mytroublemaker

The tooth fairy is coming tonight because Cubby lost her FIRST tooth!  

Daddy spoiled his Valentine at school today!! #daddysgirl

Saturday swim lessons! #waterbaby #swimlessons #herfav
Singing and now reading the song that gets in our heads every time! #whatdoesthefoxsay #ringdingdingdingdingeringeding

 Buggy usually has a date with the sink on Wednesdays when I am off and today since big sissy stayed home she got to join the fun! #sisters #watereverywhere #splashinginthesink

Ice cream always makes everything better!

Be Happy and SMILE! 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

february photo a day

Wow February was my WORST month ever for doing the photo a day challenge!  I don't know if it was our month of sickness or what but I cheated a whole bunch on these as far as taking a photo each day to go with the prompt.  I got behind quite a few times and would just grasp for photos to match.  I completed it though and am excited to start a new month and do better in March!
1. me (and my Chloe girl on a lunch date at Azteca)
2. favorite (part of her day - bath time!)
3. something orange (to help me kick this cold that buggy shared with me)
4. childhood (sisters and friends that love each other like I would never have imagined)
5. square (our cute Valentine envelope chair backers)
6. c is for...(Chloe and Crazy Hair night at Awanas)
7. utensil (fork!)
8. water (playing in the sink and loving it!)
9. details (sooo tired that her baba ended up in her nose instead of her mouth)
10. I am...(cherishing moments like these because before I know it she will be too grown up to fall asleep in my arms)
11. mistake (that we ever let buggy in the shower cause now if any of us are getting in so is she!!)
12. out + about (walking in the snow before it all melts)
13. perfect (my new cuff with my angels names on it)
14. heart (my two little Valentine's in their heart shirts)
15. my drink of choice (when it comes to wine I like this Moscatto)
 16. create ( Lego house and cars)
17. vegetable (carrots - lots of them in our dinner tonight)
18. magic (kiwicrate kaleidoscope - Chloe thinks it's like magic when she looks thru)
19. feet (in a mud puddle of course)
20. peace (time to take this girl to the dr. for peace of mind after not being herself and having a fever for 5 days)
21. funny (how going from being cranky inside to going outside makes her this happy)
22. act of kindness (letting her little sister borrow a tutu so she can twirl along with her sister as she gets ready for dance)
23. this is where I relax! (6:45pm on the couch with a sleeping baby in my arms)
24. half (happy/not sure about this whole sledding thing)
25. cut (about time to cut some of that crazy hair)
26. light (someone got new shoes today! Her first pair of sketchers and the toes light up - she is in love)
27. my view today (walking with my girls. Layla is trucking along trying to keep up with Chloe)
28. reflection (flashback Friday to her 12 month check up looking at herself in the mirror)