Saturday, March 8, 2014

A night out on the town

My friend Tami won a night at the Davenport Hotel so she invited us to join her and her hubby for dinner. We talked to Uncle Luke who got us a room at the Hampton for $29!!  It was a two bed room (which Clay thought was perfect haha) and if it meant not having to drive after going out we were game!  Poppy said he would stay at our house overnight (perfect since Layla only will sleep in her crib at night) with the girls so we were headed out just Clay and I.  I can't remember the last time it was just the two of us on a overnight stay.  We had SUCH a fun night - it ended up being 5 couples.  We met for a drink first at the Peacock Lounge inside the Davenport Hotel.  Then after that we ventured down the street in the snow to the Post Street Ale House for dinner.  It was packed so dinner took awhile to come but we didn't mind since we were all busy chatting.  After dinner we went to the dueling piano bar which I have been wanting to go to for awhile now.  The boys played shuffleboard and us girls watched the entertainment of the piano happenings.  They had people up on the pianos - it was hilarious.  Sounds like Clay and I left a little too soon as a couple of our peeps started dancing bahaha!  Like I said we had such a good night!  And it was the perfect way to celebrate everyone's birthdays - Carey's on the 28th, Clay's on the 2nd, Tami's on the 3rd and Chris's on the 5th!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY GUYS!!  The next morning as Clay and I were enjoying our complimentary breakfast we called Poppy because we were missing our girls like crazy.  After we heard that Chloe was up getting sick in the night we rushed home.  UGH poor girl!!!  By time we got home she was much better and never got sick again.  Boy I'm getting good at dodging puke this year;)

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  1. Fun! Too bad about Chloe getting sick though. :( Poor thing.


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