Wednesday, March 5, 2014

february photo a day

Wow February was my WORST month ever for doing the photo a day challenge!  I don't know if it was our month of sickness or what but I cheated a whole bunch on these as far as taking a photo each day to go with the prompt.  I got behind quite a few times and would just grasp for photos to match.  I completed it though and am excited to start a new month and do better in March!
1. me (and my Chloe girl on a lunch date at Azteca)
2. favorite (part of her day - bath time!)
3. something orange (to help me kick this cold that buggy shared with me)
4. childhood (sisters and friends that love each other like I would never have imagined)
5. square (our cute Valentine envelope chair backers)
6. c is for...(Chloe and Crazy Hair night at Awanas)
7. utensil (fork!)
8. water (playing in the sink and loving it!)
9. details (sooo tired that her baba ended up in her nose instead of her mouth)
10. I am...(cherishing moments like these because before I know it she will be too grown up to fall asleep in my arms)
11. mistake (that we ever let buggy in the shower cause now if any of us are getting in so is she!!)
12. out + about (walking in the snow before it all melts)
13. perfect (my new cuff with my angels names on it)
14. heart (my two little Valentine's in their heart shirts)
15. my drink of choice (when it comes to wine I like this Moscatto)
 16. create ( Lego house and cars)
17. vegetable (carrots - lots of them in our dinner tonight)
18. magic (kiwicrate kaleidoscope - Chloe thinks it's like magic when she looks thru)
19. feet (in a mud puddle of course)
20. peace (time to take this girl to the dr. for peace of mind after not being herself and having a fever for 5 days)
21. funny (how going from being cranky inside to going outside makes her this happy)
22. act of kindness (letting her little sister borrow a tutu so she can twirl along with her sister as she gets ready for dance)
23. this is where I relax! (6:45pm on the couch with a sleeping baby in my arms)
24. half (happy/not sure about this whole sledding thing)
25. cut (about time to cut some of that crazy hair)
26. light (someone got new shoes today! Her first pair of sketchers and the toes light up - she is in love)
27. my view today (walking with my girls. Layla is trucking along trying to keep up with Chloe)
28. reflection (flashback Friday to her 12 month check up looking at herself in the mirror)

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