Sunday, March 30, 2014

Girls Wine Weekend!!

 This is what happens when your camera has to be sent in for repairs...almost a month long of no pictures besides the ones I've taken on my phone and no blog posts:( 
The first weekend in March I went with some of my best girl friends on a wine tasting weekend in Walla Walla, WA.  It was a short trip - we left early on Saturday morning and were home about noon on Sunday.  In that short period of time we managed to have such a great time!!  I am already looking forward to doing this again next year!  Here are pictures we managed to snap between our phones and Natalie's camera which you will notice a nice fingerprint smudge in the bottom left corner.  HAHA! Not the greatest pics but some awesome memories made!
Nicole and I drove to Ritzville where we met and picked up Natalie.
 We sent this pic with a message to Addie and Mal to say we are on our way!!

We met at the hotel we stayed at - The Marcus Whitman.  There we also met up with Freddy G - our chauffer.  He had his van loaded with water, pop and snacks for us as he took us around to 6 different wineries.  Definitely recommend Freddy - he was great!  

Our first stop was the perfect place to start - Big Harry's Hiney was the name of this wine we are sampling here in this picture.  We immediately got the giggles:)  I am not a big red wine fan but this one I actually enjoyed and brought a bottle home!  Also I want to say here that this was the perfect group of girls - Natalie, Addie and I have been best friends since preschool. Nicole babysat Addie and I and her and I have become so close after having our kiddos so close together.  And then Add brought her friend Mal along and she fit in so perfectly!  Love you girlies!

2nd stop - Reininger! 

3rd stop - L'Ecole.  This stop was so fun because it was an old schoolhouse.

4th stop - The Waterford 
 This place was really fun because we sat out on the patio enjoying the weather.  It started sprinkling soon after this picture but didn't last long.

5th stop - and I don't remember what this place was called!  It was really expensive though!!  At all of the stops there was a $5 tasting fee but if just one of us bought a bottle of wine which usually a couple of us would, then the fee was waived.  At this place they charged $15 per person unless you spent like $40!  SO on a side note we don't want to go here again!  

On the way to the last stop we broke out the cheese, salami and croissants:)
Here we are at the last stop, which I don't remember the name of either!  I know we played some Tom Petty and didn't love the wine.  Another one to surpass next year! 
And here I am modeling one of their hats;) And of course being goofy.

Back to the hotel we had to get a cart just to carry all of that wine...and luggage!

 We went to a French restaurant for dinner which was really delicious and then headed out to a local bar for more girl talk and one last round of drinks.
And we HAD to sign the wall - 2+2+1=GIRLS WEEKEND 2014

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