Thursday, March 6, 2014

More Instagrams in February

Here are a few more February happenings...
Layla was bathed and ready for bed but then saw sissy getting in the tub.  As I turned my back to help Chloe she climbed in jammies and all! #sohappywithherself #waterbaby #mytroublemaker

The tooth fairy is coming tonight because Cubby lost her FIRST tooth!  

Daddy spoiled his Valentine at school today!! #daddysgirl

Saturday swim lessons! #waterbaby #swimlessons #herfav
Singing and now reading the song that gets in our heads every time! #whatdoesthefoxsay #ringdingdingdingdingeringeding

 Buggy usually has a date with the sink on Wednesdays when I am off and today since big sissy stayed home she got to join the fun! #sisters #watereverywhere #splashinginthesink

Ice cream always makes everything better!

Be Happy and SMILE! 

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  1. These are great pictures! Love Layla in the tub fully dressed! We have to lock A out of the bathroom after her bath because she attempts to do the same thing. Chloe is looking so beautiful and grown up! She looks more like you every day!


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