Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lions Club Annual Egg Hunt

The Saturday before Easter we got up early and ready to be at the Annual Lions Club Easter Egg hunt by 9am.  This was Layla's first year participating and once she figured out to put the eggs in her bucket she went to town.  I think both girls ended up getting 20ish eggs!!  There didn't seem to be too many people this year at the hunt which was sad because it's so fun!  It was a little on the cold side but we have been to colder ones in the past.  I was reminiscing with my mom about how when I was little and we went to this event you were lucky to get 1 egg there were so many kids!!  We were teased with a piece of paper when opening our eggs thinking we got the prize basket but instead it was a coupon to GREAT CLIPS!!!  That was new this year - HA! 
Lots of fun pictures of Buggy in action at her first annual hunt:)

 Sawyer, Samantha and Chloe ready to go!

daddy helping buggy

Chloe in action!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Throwback

I had so much fun with my Valentine throwback that I had to do a little Easter throwback of dying Easter Eggs.
Chloe 9 Months - tried to stick the whole hard boiled egg in her mouth.

Chloe 20 months - jammies and crazy hair!!

Chloe 3 years old 

Chloe 4 years old
Chloe 4 and Layla 4 months
Chloe 5 years old

Chloe 5 years old and Layla 15 months

Monday, April 21, 2014

Friday Smokehouse Fun

Friday at school the local firefighters brought the smokehouse to teach the kids what to do in case of a fire.  Chloe was soooo excited because her Poppy, who is a local volunteer firefighter was the speaker.  Then mommy came to take pictures:)  It was a really windy and chilly morning but the kids jumped away to stay warm.  I got a really great picture of Chloe and her class in front of the fire truck at the end.  Then it was time for her 2nd lunch date this week with Poppy - Gorilla Burgers! 

Jumping Beans

Chloe coming out of the smokehouse with a little assistance

 She absolutely loved climbing up in the drivers seat of the truck
 Chlo and McCall
 Mrs. Mielke's Kindergarten Class

Thursday, April 17, 2014

15 Months Old

Layla turned 15 months at the end of March!  I can't believe how big she is getting!  She is FULL of personality and we love her constant smile!  This girl is just plain happy pretty much 99.9% of the time.  Here are some new happenings in her world...
She already has the "helmet head" of hair.  (for those that don't know I used to make fun of Clay with his "helmet head" of hair back in high school!)  I think Layla looks pretty cute with it though:)
New words include baby, ear (which sounds like E-AH), and sissy (sounds like siss siss).  When asked what the cow says she promptly gives a MOOOOO.
She dropped the bottles right at the first of April.  I was worried how it would go but it was a non-event.  Now when you ask her where is the baba she puts her hands up like "I don't know?"  Then goes about playing.
She can't get enough of being outside.  She is free when she is outside and just wants to go!  The other day when we were out in the yard I turned my back for a second and she had climbed to the top of the playset all by herself!  Eeek!
She LOVES to give Grandma hugs and blow big kisses when she leaves after dinner every night.  She is big on blowing kisses to everyone she loves when it is time to leave - Nana, Poppy, Joan, Mommy and Daddy.
She waves at random people when we are out and about.  Her smiles is definitely contagious!
She LOVES to listen to and watch the video for "what does the fox say."  And when you ask her what does the fox say she goes "ee eeee ee"
She likes to tear off toilet paper when someone is going to the bathroom and then throw it in the toilet.  As she exits she claps for herself.  She does the same thing with garbage.  This is a good and bad thing - one day I found my water bottle in the garbage!
She loves Maggie and always barks when she sees her.  It's their code haha!  Maggie allows her to crawl all over her and sit on her.  They also like to give each other kisses. 
When Chloe gets home from school Layla lights up - she loves her sister like no one else!
She is definitely a daddy's girl.
She loves playing with babies and usually has at least one in her arms most of the time.  Either that or a blanket!  She is a big blankey girl!  So far she isn't super picky on which one but usually sleeps with the same 2 every night.
She sleeps from 7:30-6:00 or 6:30 every night and takes about a 2 hour nap midday.
We absolutely LOVE our happy girl - Buggy!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Samantha turns 6!

One of Chloe's best friends, Samantha turned 6 last week.  We celebrated with her at Mobius on Saturday.  The kids had a blast!  We took up friends S and T and it was so fun to see their excitement as they had never been to Mobius before. 
C. S. and T. - preschool buds
C going down the slide - head first!
The LEGO wall!  Chloe is really into Lego's right now so she thought this was pretty cool!
S. C. and T trying to fit in the hole all together - it was pretty funny when they got stuck!
The party crew!
Happy Birthday Samantha!!
Excited about her gifts from Chloe
Chloe with her bff's McGuire and McCall! 

Nice smile Chlo! Party hats on - with T and S!
I LOVE this picture of these 3!!!
And another picture of the whole crew!

Monday, April 14, 2014

building a loft

On Saturday Clay had some help from his dad, brother and a friend to build a loft in our shop.  He was tired of everything taking up all of his precious space so wanted a place to put things:)  They completed the whole project and he is already storing things away up there as we speak!  Layla had fun supervising in her chair;)  Good work boys!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Tooth Fairy Round #2!

Thursday night Chloe lost her 2nd tooth! YAY! Another bottom one! She thinks it's so funny to stick her tongue out between the 2 tooth gap.  This one bled more but she was a trooper and there were no tears shed (we know how she loves the sight of blood - NOT!). 

Her tooth fairy pillow ready to exchange the tooth for some $$

 This picture taken later in the week really shows the teeth missing good!