Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lions Club Annual Egg Hunt

The Saturday before Easter we got up early and ready to be at the Annual Lions Club Easter Egg hunt by 9am.  This was Layla's first year participating and once she figured out to put the eggs in her bucket she went to town.  I think both girls ended up getting 20ish eggs!!  There didn't seem to be too many people this year at the hunt which was sad because it's so fun!  It was a little on the cold side but we have been to colder ones in the past.  I was reminiscing with my mom about how when I was little and we went to this event you were lucky to get 1 egg there were so many kids!!  We were teased with a piece of paper when opening our eggs thinking we got the prize basket but instead it was a coupon to GREAT CLIPS!!!  That was new this year - HA! 
Lots of fun pictures of Buggy in action at her first annual hunt:)

 Sawyer, Samantha and Chloe ready to go!

daddy helping buggy

Chloe in action!

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