Monday, May 5, 2014

april photo a day

How is it already the 5th month of this year??  April was another fun-filled month!
APRIL 2014
 1. something purple (cozy coupe truck and the bunny ball in the trunk that she has been carrying around all morning)
2. in my hand (all day long - the bunny ball that we HAD to have from Safeway)
3. shapes (a heart, circles aka polka dots and bunny ears!)
4. good together (bagel and cream cheese)
5. not mine (coats, backpack, bags...)
6. a taste of spring (bike rides - her first time)
7. where I'd rather be (back home playing outside with my girls)
8. hobby (blogging! I wish I had more time to spend on it)
9. dark (I wish I had the ability to sleep anywhere even when it's not dark like my sweet girl.  I cherished today's snooze on me as we ate lunch in Spokane)
10. my fave part of the day (laying in bed snuggling with my babies and listening to Chloe sing "you are my sunshine" and "twinkle twinkle little star" to buggy as she rubs her face)
11. 3 of a kind (peppers from our first Bountiful Baskets order)
12. on my left (a stack of lumber ready to be built into a loft in our shop)
13. more please! (of these happy smiles that I can't get enough of!)
14. dirty (helping Nana in her garden)
15. I'm reading this (a book on my nook and obviously it's not very memorable because I can't even remember the name of it!)
16. my vice (coffee!!)
17. something I learned (to climb the ladder and go down the slide all by myself - layla)
18. good (this egg that was delivered in the mail to Chloe today from the Easter Bunny and she was sooo excited about it!)
19. money (the money was well spent on Chloe's kite for Easter by watching these two brothers have even more fun with it! HAHA!)
20. egg (hardboiled/dyed and now cracked and poked by a buggy finger)
21. close (the gate so you can't get me)
22. four things (pizza crust, pizza sauce, cheese and pepperoni = everything to make a kids style pizza)
23. entrance (to the play cube to meet and play with a new friend)
24. a pop of color (nakey baby with her Easter hat)
25. remember (to always smile and never forget simple moments like these)
26. enjoy the little things (a Saturday t-ball game with my girl playing catcher)
27. under my feet (mommy's boots)
28. chaotic (the time after dinner and before bed when we are rushing to do baths, read books and get tucked in)
29. contrast (unexpected visitors + a discussion on boys vs. girls)
30. something silly (this girl carrying her pants around every where and giving them a ride down the slide)

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