Tuesday, May 6, 2014

More April In Instagrams

More April in Instagrams...
Out for a morning ride #gator #ridesalldaylong

High Nooner lunch date with daddy, mommy and grandma!
#nomnom #best3lunchdates #daddysgirl 

1st Bountiful Basket! Who has a good artichoke recipe?? #bountifulbaskets #fruitsnveggies

Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's way!!
Layla was patiently waiting for her bunny...
When she got her hands on him she picked that bunny up by it's ears!  After that she was mad that we would no longer let her hold the bunny.  So no smiles in our bunny pictures from her!

A video of our 15 month girl who climbs the ladder and goes down the slide all by her big girl self! #toobigtoosoon

Cheetah egg is her fav!! OF course;)

Pizzas!! With pepperoni eyeballs!  #welovepapamurphys #kidskits

Catcher Chloe! GO Phillies!!! #tball

#chloe #tball #catcher #8 #gophillies

Chloe was so excited for Grandma, mommy and sissy to come to lunch with her and go to the book fair today!  Those were expensive buy 1 get 1 free books! :P

It's a perfect day to be barefoot outside!! #lovethissunshine #toesinthegrass

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  1. Wow, I got behind again. Love all the new pictures. The girls Easter dresses and sweaters were adorable! Love the pictures with the real bunny! You got some great t-ball ones too!


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