Friday, May 2, 2014

More day before Easter pictures...

We tried hiding this kite we got Chloe for her Easter basket but obviously didn't do a very good job because she saw it and wouldn't quit asking what it was.  SO after we colored our eggs we opened the kite and headed outside.  It was the perfect windy day to fly a kite!  She got frustrated with it at first when she couldn't get it up but once we got it flying it was so fun! 

HELLO Kitty:)

Buggy kept pointing to it 

And then she got distracted by the gator, which thankfully didn't have the battery in it because she has figured out the gas petal now.  SCARY!!

And then we played on the swing set.  This girl will climb the ladder and go down the slide over and over again until you make her quit.

She especially loves it when big sissy stands at the bottom and catches her!

SUCH a good big sister!

When we had enough of the wind we went back inside. 
 Grandma and Chloe were busy having egg races.

It was such a fun and good day before Easter!!

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