Sunday, May 4, 2014

Opening Cermony and 1st TBall Game

Last Saturday was the opening ceremony for t-ball where they announced all of the teams and players on each team.  The kids ran the bases as their name was announced while everyone cheered them on.  After that it was pictures, hamburgers and then our 1st t-ball game of the season.  The weather was cold and windy but the kids did great hanging in there for the day.  G-O PHILLIES!
My favorite picture of our team with their silly faces!

Chloe and friend Samantha, who is on another t-ball team.  They are both rocking the #8 so I will have to get a picture on a warmer day of them and their numbers!

 Getting ready to run the bases

My favorite little Phillie and her best fake smile;)

Coach helping Chlo get lined up and ready to hit that ball!

Her first time playing catcher - too cute!

Good Job Phillies!!

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