Saturday, May 24, 2014

Spring Concert

Monday night was the grade school Spring Concert.  Chloe told me the Saturday before that she had a little solo part.  We decided to go shopping on Sunday for a dress for her to wear.  I figured a quick trip to Target and we would be good to go...ya not so much!!  She wanted a long dress, which they had a bunch at Target, BUT none of them looked great on her as much as she liked them.  We decided to go to The Children's Place and thankfully we found the perfect dress - long in the back to satisfy Chloe and shorter in the front to look cute and satisfy mommy:)  Plus we found a cute sweater to go with!  We also found shoes there but once we tried them on in the car realized they were broken:(  That meant another stop...Walmart to try and find shoes.  Found some!  WOW I felt like I was shopping with a 15 year old not a 5 year old!  Scares me for what is to come!!  The concert was super cute with a little bug theme.  Chloe did great on her part and made us SO PROUD!  The lighting was hard to get very good pictures but I did get a video so was happy with that.

Chloe with BFF McCall and McGuire

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  1. So cute! Funny about the shopping! Don't you wish they would let you pick their clothes forever?!? My girls are still pretty good about wearing whatever I buy them, but I am not looking forward to the teenage years!


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