Sunday, June 22, 2014

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day to this guy!!! We are so lucky to call him ours! 
This year for Father's Day we got daddy a really nice knife for hunting and then we spent the day at Cabela's (his favorite place) and Costco. Chloe did her annual all about my DAD questionnaire too...
My dad is 30 years old.
My dad is really strong, he could lift a LOG.
My dad's favorite color is BLUE.
My dad's favorite food is TURKEY.
My dad always says "I LOVE YOU."
My dad is the best at KILLING STUFF.
My dad's job is WORKING.
My dad laughs when I TICKLE HIM.
If my dad had time, he would love to PLAY LEGOS WITH ME.
My dad and I like to GO IN THE HOTTUB.
My dad really loves ME!
By: Chloe Kay Hammond Age 5
I'd say she pretty much nailed it this year:) 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Relay for Life

 About a month or more ago we started talking about Relay for Life and how it would be fun to get a team together for mom.  She is doing awesome right now and what a great way to celebrate her and all she has overcome!  We named our team Donna's Walking Warriors and I found some shirts online that had the ribbon in the color grey (for brain cancer) and the word hope on them that I loved.  I ordered a few and asked if anyone else was interested in getting one.  I was overwhelmed with just how many people wanted shirts, I ordered multiple times for people and ended up getting 67 total!!  This to me shows just what a wonderful and supportive community we live in!!  I couldn't get the shirts in kid sizes so Chloe, Layla, McCall, McGuire and Samantha all decorated shirts and they turned out super cute! Every Friday leading up to Relay people would wear their shirts and take selfies or group shots and post to mom's Facebook page!  It was so cool to see everyone around town showing their love for my momma!  Going into this I was hoping to raise around $300 but I well exceeded that by raising $1545!!!!!  This last Friday was the actual event and it was SO much fun!!  My mom walked the survivor lap and 3 more after that making it a mile!  Then when they lit up all of the luminaries at 10:00 pm she walked yet another lap!  We are beyond proud of her!! My biggest supporter in life and whom I look up to the most, the best mom and grandma we could ever ask for!  We are SO BLESSED!!  Love you mom!!
Survivor lap!

Layla and Chloe LOVED walking/dancing around the track to the music.

Some of Donna's Walking Warriors!

Let's go momma!

Nick and Chloe racing around the track

The clouds looked threatening but the weather held out for us!

Mom hugging Steve Auchbon who coordinates Relay for Life - he will be truly missed next year!

The girls in their shirts!

Warming up and taking a dinner break!

They had a Krispy Kreme eat off to raise money

And there was a bingo lap
Just one of the luminaries for my mom. 
 Chloe's Kindergarten class decorated a whole bunch for her as well and they looked so great lit up around the track!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Farm Day!

 Wednesday June 4th was Chloe's "Farm Day" field trip where the whole Kindergarten class is invited out to the Mielke Farm for the day.  Mrs. Mielke has been hosting this field trip since Clay was in Kindergarten, he was her first class!  I was so excited that they were having it on a Wednesday, my day off so I could go with my girl and chaperone!  We were looking forward to it and super excited the night before.  However, I almost didn't get to go...Buggy got sick Tuesday night about midnight.  Luckily she only threw up once (her first time getting the tummy flu:() so Poppy said he would come be with her and I could still go with Chloe! She never got sick again after that, thank goodness!!  When I got to the classroom I was assigned 3 girls to be with for the day - Chloe, McCall and Trinity.  All 3 were wearing pink shirts so it was really easy to keep track of them! 
When we first arrived at the Mielke Farm it was a free for all playing on all of the fun big toy equipment.  Most of it was all handmade!  

Then we got to go hold the baby chicks...

brush the small ponies...

check out the large pond...

ride on another hand made toy....

pretend we were princesses in the carriage...

and look at the water in the wheel well.

At about 11 we got back into the school bus and headed over to another part of the farm where there was a small pond, a firepit for cooking hotdogs for lunch, horses to ride and a tractor for a hay ride.


The girls and their silly faces!!

My big girl!

McCall on the horse
Chloe's turn!  She LOVED it!! This was her favorite part of Farm Day!

Chloe's bus driver, Alan leading the horse.

Hay ride!  They spotted a deer on the ride and stopped and picked flowers.

Kindergarten Class 2013-2014

I loved spending the day with Chloe and her class.  It was SUCH a fun day!!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Last t-ball game

The first Tuesday night in June was our last t-ball game for the season.  It was such a fun year, we had a great group of kids on our team and they did awesome!

This picture TOTALLY cracks me up!!!  Finger in the nose!  EWWW bahahaha. 
One day she will probably kill me for this one;)

High-fives from the other team

I love this picture of our Phillies in a team huddle