Friday, June 13, 2014

Camping Trip #2

The last weekend in May we went camping with the Odenrider's and the Falk's!  We headed up north to some state land up in the mountains where we have camped before but it's been a few years.  It is so beautiful up there with trees and a crick, BUT the not so beautiful part is that it is open range so there was cow pies that you had to watch out for.  Of course the kids would step in it and then it would be off to the crick to clean.  ICK!  It was a gorgeous weekend - the weather was perfect and we had such a fun time!!
Here we go - Odenrider's in their motorhome and us with our trailer

The girls immediately went off to find the crick!  We never let the kids go to the crick without an adult so it was always "can we go to the crick please, please can we?" 

Buggy found a rock to throw into the crick - it was a BIG rock!

Love these kiddos!  Layla was too busy for this picture taking business;)

Sami loves helping Layla and holding her hand

Happy camper found her camp chair

The home made swing set!  

Daddy playing chauffeur and putt putting around camp

This pretty much sums up Buggy on the camp trip!  Off and running and loving every minute!!!!

Oh AND getting DIRTY!!!!!

Sami pointing to the cows while Layla says "mmmooo"

For some reason our trailer seemed to be the kids hangout spot.

The kids!  Minus Mr. Jackson


Riding bikes and walking thru the crick.  Chloe was thrilled when she found out I brought her bogs:)


Chloe and I went up on the trails - here she is pretending to drive.

The beautiful view up top

Buggy CRASHED out for nap - notice how dirty she is?!
Nothing cuter than a sleeping baby

Getting ready to go on a dads/kids ride

Dads and kids are off!

Then it was a mom's only ride:)  SO fun just the 3 of us!  We only went about half way up, parked and just chatted.  I took this picture with my timer and a stump.  Let's just say it took a few times to get it perfect. hehe

bedtime bugs

Love these 2 pictures of Sami and Layla! 

Jackson, Chloe and Lucy!

This is what our drive home looked like.  They both were asleep in about 5 mins.
Already looking forward to going again next year!!

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