Monday, June 16, 2014

Farm Day!

 Wednesday June 4th was Chloe's "Farm Day" field trip where the whole Kindergarten class is invited out to the Mielke Farm for the day.  Mrs. Mielke has been hosting this field trip since Clay was in Kindergarten, he was her first class!  I was so excited that they were having it on a Wednesday, my day off so I could go with my girl and chaperone!  We were looking forward to it and super excited the night before.  However, I almost didn't get to go...Buggy got sick Tuesday night about midnight.  Luckily she only threw up once (her first time getting the tummy flu:() so Poppy said he would come be with her and I could still go with Chloe! She never got sick again after that, thank goodness!!  When I got to the classroom I was assigned 3 girls to be with for the day - Chloe, McCall and Trinity.  All 3 were wearing pink shirts so it was really easy to keep track of them! 
When we first arrived at the Mielke Farm it was a free for all playing on all of the fun big toy equipment.  Most of it was all handmade!  

Then we got to go hold the baby chicks...

brush the small ponies...

check out the large pond...

ride on another hand made toy....

pretend we were princesses in the carriage...

and look at the water in the wheel well.

At about 11 we got back into the school bus and headed over to another part of the farm where there was a small pond, a firepit for cooking hotdogs for lunch, horses to ride and a tractor for a hay ride.


The girls and their silly faces!!

My big girl!

McCall on the horse
Chloe's turn!  She LOVED it!! This was her favorite part of Farm Day!

Chloe's bus driver, Alan leading the horse.

Hay ride!  They spotted a deer on the ride and stopped and picked flowers.

Kindergarten Class 2013-2014

I loved spending the day with Chloe and her class.  It was SUCH a fun day!!

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  1. What a great experience! It looks like they had so much fun!!!


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