Tuesday, June 10, 2014


May is over and we are already into the second week of June!  This year can slow down anytime now.  Check out our May happenings...
 1. Begins with J (Joan - our favorite teacher who is like another Grandma to us!  We love her!!  Happy May Day Miss Joan!)
2. Snack (pretzels!)
3. Collection (Layla wearing 1 of the many dress-up dresses in Chloe's collection)
4. Us
5. 4PM (on a walk with my girls)
6. From Down Low (Chloe getting ready for some t-ball action)
7. Take From Above (playing and waiting for her 15 month check up)
8. Blue (playing friend Samantha and her blue team the Brewers tonight)
9. Favorite (there is just something great about driving/riding on the lawn mower with daddy!  I sure do love these 3!)
10. In my Garden (my flowers for Mother's Day from my Chloe Kay)
11. Mother (all that I am or ever hope to be I owe to my momma!! Love her sooo much!)
12. Ready (for all this nice weather this week so we can spend lots of time playing outside!)
13. I Spy (Buggy!!! Opening and closing the screen door.  I also spy some leftover squeeze cheese on her lips;))
14. Lines (aka ripples in the water as I oar us around in the kayak)
15. From Where I Walk (you will see this bridge and possibly some cows)
16. Create (good and happy memories together)
17. Bag (I love this insulated bag for my freezer meal parties!  Makes it way easier than hauling around a big ol' ice chest.)
18. Something I Drew (Layla's Mother's Day gift to me - I love it!)
19. Alone (she is alone in thinking this dress looks good with her cheetah boots!)
20. Waiting (to go to her Spring Concert)
21. Card (Chloe wrote this to her best friend...I like McCall because she is my friend and she is my best friend and you are my friend.)
22. Free (when you get this girl outside she is FREE and she loves it!)
23. Black + White (Buggy looking at herself in the side view mirror as we wait for Grandma)
24. Sunrise (these two were up at sunrise and ready to start the day)
25. Neighborhood (look what caught my eye in the neighborhood)
26. Pet (grandma's kitty getting some Layla snuggles)
27. Meal (#3 freezer meal - it's what's for dinner!)
28. Unique (that I got to spend a few hours with my very best friend today!!  Love you and your littles so much!)
29. Negative Space (we made it to our camping spot!)
30. Side View (a super sleepy camping girl)
31. Sunset (from camp)

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  1. Great pictures! The Kayaking looks fun! I need to get a freezer bag because it IS a pain to lug around an ice chest!


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