Monday, July 28, 2014

Chloe's Pool PARTY!

After all of the Pioneer Days celebrating and spending time with family we headed to the pool for Chloe's 6th Birthday Party!!  I was a little worried about the windy weather we were having but it didn't seem to bother any of the kids;)  We had the pool reserved from 6-8pm and it was the perfect amount of time for lots of swimming, cake eating and present opening!
When we first got there Layla was eager to get in so I got in with her.  She LOOOVES the pool and is not afraid of the water one bit, which tends to scare me at times!!

She likes to jump/step off the side!
Love my little water babies!

Birthday GIRL!!

Layla found friend A to play with on the steps.

Layla warming up!  After this she left to go to a bachelor party with daddy and poppy! It was much more relaxing once she left because I didn't have to be constantly watching her by the water.  Plus it gave me more time to visit and take lots of fun pictures!

Then the noodles came out!

Party Crew!

Henry was having tons of fun swimming too!

Friend R and her 3 gorgeous girls!!

Uncle Bill and Grandma 

Check out the Olaf balloon in this picture - so cute!!  Not long after this picture he got popped from the top of the fence:(

They were ecstatic when they were told they could jump off the diving board! 

Cake time!!!

The whole party crew!  

I forgot the cake forks!!!  OOPPS! 
Lets just say there were a whole lot of messy faces!!

The cutest messy face award goes to baby A!!!  SO CUTE!

Then it was time to open presents! 
Chloe has loved playing with each and every present she received so thank you!!

THANK YOU to all of Chloe's friends for coming!!  She had what she said was "THE BEST" birthday party ever!!  It WAS a super fun pool party!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Pioneer Days

 Last Saturday was Pioneer Days!  My Uncle Bill, Aunt Merilee, Cousin Danielle and her baby Henry came to visit for the weekend like they have the past 2 years.  Pioneer Days always works out be a great weekend for them to come and since we only get to see them once a year we sure look forward to it!  First on our agenda for the weekend was the kiddie parade!  Chloe really wanted to be in it this year so she rode in McCall's power wheels with her and tossed candy.  They were too cute and had so much fun doing that!
At the line up for the kiddie parade with buddy Trey!

Chloe and McCall - our toothless girls!

McGuire, Chloe and McCall

Here they come!


Buggy getting a good view of the parade on Poppy's shoulders

Then she moved to daddy's shoulders

This was my favorite float - cowgirl theme and they were doing a little country line dancing

Danielle and Henry

Look I got a sucker!

Back at the house we ate lunch and visited while the babies napped.  Since we were camping in Montana on Chloe's birthday weekend we planned a pool party for this night for her and her friends!
The birthday girl and her "Frozen" cake

Henry and Layla were so funny to watch together this year.  Since they are only 21 days apart I thought they would really take to each other.  Not so much!  Layla was really protective of "her" toys and didn't like to share with Henry.  What a turkey! We always say how Layla is our big girl and that she is bigger than most 1.5 year olds but actually Henry was even bigger than her!!  He was taller and weighed about 10 more pounds.  He is such a happy little guy with lots of smiles!
Look how much they have changed in just 1 year!!!
I thought this was a cute picture of all the kids looking outside with Aunt Merilee!  I don't remember what they were looking at - maybe Maggie!

So then I had to get a picture of the 3 thru the window.

Then it started...gator rides!!  Layla was not happy when Henry was riding in "her" spot!!  So I had to use a plastic sack to tie the trunk down so all three could ride.  She was happy with that:)

What goofballs!