Thursday, July 3, 2014

Camping Trip #3

WARNING...Major Photo overload!!!
We have been camping the last 2 weekends in a row.  Our first trip was our 2nd annual campout with the Barta family.  Last year we went to Twin Lakes but wanted to try somewhere new this year.  A couple of people suggested Beaver Lodge which is on the Little Pend Oreille Lakes.  Clay and I went snowmobiling about 10+ years ago to this same Lodge and had stayed in a cabin so we remembered it when it was snow covered.  We decided to try it out and Uncle Luke and Auntie D. decided to come along as well this year and check out the cabins.  I have to tell you this was probably the most beautiful camp spot we have ever stayed at.  It was SO FUN and we are already planning our return trip next year to this same spot!!  We went 4 wheeling, we kayaked, we fished, the kids went swimming - there was so much to do!
Here is a picture from our campsite right on Gillette Lake.

Layla scoping out our digs for the weekend

The 2 Chloe's had to immediately check out the playground and log house.  My Chlo selling tickets...

Friday night was the perfect evening for a family 4 wheel ride

I love this picture how both girls are looking back and making sure mommy is still following

We had a momma duck and her ducklings hanging around by our camp all weekend

Netting a fish - a dead fish that is!  EWW

Happy Birthday Uncle Luke or as Layla calls him "ooouk"

morning view

Barta's brought their kitty so my Chloe was in hog heaven.  The kitty was so good actually it just hung out around camp and never wandered off, even when we weren't paying attention!

Deana and Dave kayaking

Buggy getting DIRTY

See her butt?!!!!  She would climb the trail to Barta's trailer and then slide down on her butt.  It was a good thing I brought LOTS of clothes for her!

Why are you so dirty bugs???  This is her "I don't know?!"

And now to play in the water!

The next few photos are leading up to what happened next...
Layla trying to use the net like big sissy.  Daddy put the life jacket on her just in case;)

See I can do it too mommy!
AND there she goes into the water!!!  Daddy fishing her out

haha poor girl

nakey baby


Chloe and daddy enjoying the kayak

and Chloe B. and her daddy

Another kitty picture

The girls were so excited about going swimming - it was COLD!

Daddy and Buggy kayaking

Daddy pulling the Chloe's around

Deana rented a paddle board to try and she did great!  I like how Ruger is swimming beside her.

Clay with all the littles

The girls teeth chattering trying to warm up on the dock

Layla loves to give sissy hugs
Where is the 4 wheeler??

Yay happy little 4 wheeling girl

The two Chloe's asked if they could kayak - at first I said no just in case they couldn't make it back to shore.  But then Deana and I decided to let them as long as they stayed close to the dock and shore.  We were super surprised as they caught on right away and could do it SO well!!  My Chloe stayed out there a good hour doing circles.

Then they got in 1 together and Uncle Luke in the other and they paddled across the lake and back.

Chloe LOVED it!!!  Her and I did a trip around the lake as well and even went up to the next Lake.  You can guess what she wants for her birthday now:)

A view of our camp from the lake

My big girl - amazes me everyday to watch her growing up!

You had to go thru this bridge to get to Lake Sherry

Back at camp with the kitty.  Chloe taught Buggy to say "Beow"

Lets feed the the Chloes';)

Feeding the ducks

Layla and Callie

Teasing Ruger with a cracker

It was BEAUTIFUL and sunny on Sunday morning so the girls headed to the water

I love this picture of the girls with their hands in the sand

Half way packed up and ready to go home!  Two 4 wheelers in the trailer, one in the back of the truck and then we also put the 2 kayaks in the trailer as well!  I think it was our heaviest load camping.
Again what a FABULOUS trip!!!  The kayaks were a blast and probably my favorite part of the whole trip!  I'm SO happy we sold our boat and traded in for our kayak BUT now I want 2 more:)  Before the trip I wanted just 1 more so Clay and I could both have 1 with a girl in each but now that Chloe is a pro she wants her own:)  Fingers crossed Costco gets them back in because they are such a great price there!  Seemed like someone was always in the kayaks all weekend.  Clay and I kayaked up to Lake Thomas Saturday afternoon and then Deana and I went Sunday morning to Sherry Lake.  It was fun that there were 5 lakes all connected with such beautiful scenery!!  We even saw a Moose!

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