Saturday, July 5, 2014

Camping Trip #4

Camping trip #4 was back to back with camping trip #3 which we have never done before but we figured it wouldn't be bad since this trip we were only going 20 mins from home.   We headed back to Two Rivers for the second time this year with the Odenrider's.  I love this camp spot because it has full hookups, a playground for the kids, and lots of places to ride bikes and walk.  We were in loop A this time which I figured wouldn't be that great of a spot but actually it was conveniently really close to the playground!  We headed down after I got off work at 4:30 on Friday.  That day was pretty cloudy and rain threatening but we were hoping it would just clear off by time we arrived.  That didn't happen within the first half hour of arrival it started pouring:(  Thank goodness for trailers and playdoh because this is what we kept the kids busy with for an hour until the rain stopped and we could head out by the fire.
Thanks to my best buddy, Natalie for the homemade playdoh!  It was awesome and fun!!

Saturday morning we woke up to SUN!  It was so beautiful and actually HOT by 10:30.  The kids were begging us to take them swimming so we obliged:)

Love these 4 camping buddies

My camping beauties

1...2....3!!!  Wheee!

This picture is hilarious - it looks like Buggy is squirting the big kids with the water shooter! 
 In actuality it was daddy with another one squirting!

Buggy I see a little cheek:)

Back at the playground

Chloe and Joel conspiring under the slide;P

Naptime for a tired little Bug

Saturday evening we had a bunch of friends come down to join us for a BBQ!  It was a little windy but still a really good time!  Thanks everyone for the YUMMY food and great company!
Chloe and Addie

The crew...

A little blurry but had to share because I love this dear friend of mine!  Thanks Chlo for the picture!

Silly Bugs!

And then there was a rainbow!

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