Sunday, July 6, 2014

June Photo A Day

 I think June was so far my favorite month of this year!!  
School ended, summer began and we made a whole lot of memories!
JUNE 2014

1. Joy (ready for a joy ride?! Scary!!)
2. Doing (a little watering or shall I say mommy is while I play in the water)
3. Family (love these two cheesers)
4. Ordinary (not your ordinary school day - today is farm day!!!)
5. 11 o'clock (yesterday - farm day lunch time!)
6. Adventure (Friday night spur of the moment kayak trip down at Hawk Creek!)
7. Pattern (Mrs. Mielke wrote "we heart grandma Donna" on the luminaries and the class decorated them)
8. T is for...(toddler...a DIRTY one!)
9. We live here (our back patio at our home in the summer)
10. Flying (diaper free in a swimsuit)
11. The beginning (these 3 have been best friends since they were born only 9 days apart)
12. Pastel (pink and purple princess car and a Buggy in a bright pink swimsuit driving)
13. Simply (enjoying life and hanging out at the trailer walking laps for Relay for Life!)
14. Cross (your fingers they sleep awhile!  Both were up too late walking at Relay last night!)
15. Lovely (photo of me and my baby walking at Relay) 
16. In the shadows (of a camping hat I find a Layla Bug!)
17. Peaceful (sleeping girls in the car)
18. Quirky (Buggy wearing her hat that she made at VBS)
19. Habit (this girl is making quite a habit of getting up on top of the table!  Hope this doesn't last long:P)
20. Yay! (We made it to our camping spot at Beaver Lodge and it's BEAUTIFUL here!!!)
21. Here I am (kayaking with my gorgeous sister in law Danita aka Auntie D. or Dee Dee)
22. Growing (our big girl surprised us this weekend by kayaking all by her big girl self!!)
23. In this moment (Buggy is experiencing the pool for the 1st time this summer and LOVING every minute!! She was shivering with excitement!)
24. What June looks like (warm weather and lots of fudgy bars!)
25. Sun flare (behind us as we went kayaking as a family last weekend on Lake Gillette.  Layla is out of the picture but in front of daddy:))
26. Dreaming (last weekend - of all the fun she was having while camping)
27. Loving (her newly pierced ears!!!!  She was brave and surprised me by not even crying!  The flowers she picked are adorable and SO Chloe!)
28. Bed (in our camping trailer)
29. Delight (tooth fairy is coming tonight because my pirate just lost her 3rd bottom tooth!  Arrrgg matey;p Side note the tooth in the middle of the 2 gaps she lost first and it has already grown in!)
30. The End (to another fun and fabulous month!  Chloe even got to have 2 play dates with out of town friend Vanessa!)

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