Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Montana or Bust - Day 1

On Friday July 11th, Chloe's 6th birthday, we packed up and headed to Montana for a week!  The Barta family invited us to go with them and it sounded like so much fun that we gave it some thought and decided to tag along!  I'm SO glad we did because we had the BEST week with them!
On Friday we were busy packing and getting ready so we didn't leave until around 2pm.  Our trailer was in Spokane supposed to be getting the air conditioning working so lucky me was "attempting" to pack totes and ice chests.  It's really hard to pack your trailer when you don't have your trailer!!  I managed;)  When we arrived in Spokane to pick up the trailer the air conditioning was not fixed, turns out they don't make that "kind" anymore so would have cost us way too much to get a whole new one.  Honestly we have never had to use air conditioning before when we have gone camping so it was going to be a luxury but we just decided it wouldn't be a big deal without it.  We met up with the Barta family at Walmart in Idaho by the Stateline and headed off to our first destination.  I will say now that we really never had destinations we were just going and finding places as we went.  We knew our first stop would be somewhere on the other side of Lake Pend Oreille.  We found spots in the Sam Owen Campground and that is where we stayed for the night.
Our 1st spot

The BIRTHDAY girl!  Look at all those teeth - watch carefully as our trip unfolds!

I have seen these screens rolled up at the back of our trailer but NEVER thought to use them before.  Since it was hot we tried them out for the first time and they were such a blessing to have!!  The open air flowing through the trailer was great!  This was an even better option that having air conditioning because we wouldn't have even been able to use it much since we never camped at spots with hookups!  We did have a generator but only used it for making coffee in the mornings:)  I can't live without my morning coffee!

from the inside looking out!

At Walmart I picked up "Frozen" cupcakes so we could sing to the birthday girl that night!

Nom Nom Buggy!

Chloe and Chloe:)

Evening bike rides are the best...

especially when they lead to this!!! Isn't Lake Pend Oreille beautiful?!!

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