Friday, July 25, 2014

Montana or Bust - Day 4

On Day 4 we just stayed at Swan Lake and played...
The day started out with Chloe biting into a bagel with cream cheese and losing her first top tooth!  I thought for sure she would lose that 4th bottom one first since it was barely hanging on!

The boys went fishing so us girls went on a walk.  I was hoping Layla would fall asleep on this walk but no such luck.  There were multiple times on our trip that I put her in the front pack and she would crash out.
The 2 Chloe's loved riding their bikes all over. 

Since she didn't want to be in the backpack she caught a ride on Callie's shoulders.

On our walk we discovered this little lookout - SO pretty!!

We had to try out the timer on my camera;)

Swan Lake is beautiful in the mornings!

We played in the water for awhile and then decided to haul the kayaks over from camp and have a picnic on the beach.

The girls had fun pretending the kayaks were paddleboards

While swimming they caught at ride on Deana's kayak

And then the daddy's and Cam came back with ice cream!

After ice cream it was nap time!
Chloe and Chloe washed their hair in the stream.  BRRR! 

Callie helped Chloe build the smallest little fire ring and fire.

After dinner we had a big rain storm hit!  Callie and Deana stayed at camp while the rest of us headed up into the mountains to watch the boys attempt to shoot squirrels.

Dave's kill!

Clay's kill.  And Cam got one too on our way back down so it was 3 for 3;)

The girls loved riding in the back.
It was a fun and relaxing Day 4.  Even though it poured that evening the weather so far had been beautiful!  A little rain was actually nice since we just were going to bed during the storm anyways!

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  1. Haha, I'm laughing at the squirrels! Love the picture of Layla splashing from the rock. And her little belly poking out of her swimsuit. Too cute!


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