Saturday, July 26, 2014

Montana or Bust - Day 5 (Glacier National Park Day)

Day 5 we drove to Glacier National Park!  It was absolutely beautiful!!!  We drove the Going-to-the-Sun Road and couldn't stop talking about how they built the road 75 years ago!  It was built into the mountains which made it so awesome and cool. I would definitely recommend going to this park!!
Right before we left for Glacier I had Chloe brush her teeth.  In doing that she loosened up her other top tooth and it was bleeding - ick!  It needed to come out so after a LOT of talking I told her I would just wiggle it and instead I did a tiny twist and out it came.  Tooth number 2 lost!

Figuring out where to go first - I love how Layla is peaking around at momma!

Cam was extra excited after we came off this waterfall bridge because he just shook hands with the Seattle Seahawks head coach, Pete Carroll!!

We stopped and went on a pretty little hike where we picked and ate huckleberries - yum!

I love this picture and how it shows they built the road around this waterfall!

Hammond Family!

There was actually a lot of snow still up towards the top!  The girls had fun playing in it - as if they don't get enough of it back at home! HA!

Then we got to see mountain goats crossing the road with their baby!

Jessup-Barta Family

Layla fell asleep in the truck so we were missing her in the next couple pictures:(

Come on daddy that's not a very good silly face!!

The whole Montana crew minus Buggy

Here's Bugs sound asleep

And then she woke up so we had to get some pictures with her too!

Love these two girls more than I could ever imagine!  

Daddy and his favorite girls!
As we were driving back down Chloe was eating a snack and out popped that bottom tooth that we thought she was going to lose before even the other 2!  So she lost 2 in 1 day!! 3 teeth total while on our Montana or Bust trip!  Way to go Chloe Kay!

And as we drove out of Glacier National Park this is what our backseat looked like.

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  1. Wow these pictures are gorgeous! Love Chloe's puzzle piece smile! So cute.


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