Saturday, July 26, 2014

Montana or Bust Day 6 & 7

Day 6 we sadly said goodbye to Swan Lake and started heading towards Missoula. 

We ended up stopping in St. Regis.  The camp spot we found was about 11 miles out of St. Regis along the Clark Fork River.  Even better it was free!  The only downfall was the train bridge right next to us and the train that went thru twice that night.  It wasn't too bad though. 

On the way out of St. Regis Dave noticed his tire wasn't looking good on their camper.  So the boys had to change a tire when we arrived in the hot sun!

The girls hanging out
Buggy playing with mommy's sunglasses.

Then someone, I won't name names DEANA talked me into kayaking the Clark Fork River.  We drove up the road 10 miles and put our kayaks in to float down to our campsite.  I was a little nervous since we couldn't see how the river flowed from the road.  I'm thinking RAPIDS EKKK!  There WERE rapids!!  But they were small and it was a blast!!  Such a fun way to end our trip!

And since we had SO MUCH FUN the little girls wanted to go with the dads.  We drove them up the road not far so they just had a little way to go but they did the biggest rapids at the end and filled their kayaks with water.  At the end they all tipped out but had so much fun as well.

This picture makes me laugh it's like Chloe is say SHEESH we made it!

On Day 7 we got up in the morning packed our things and left.  We arrived home about noon which was perfect to have the whole afternoon to clean out the trailer and do all that laundry!
Do you think Layla missed her Maggie??? 
This has been such a fun trip that we will never forget!!  SO many memories made in 1 week!


  1. That does look like such an amazing trip! So does having the camper make camping a lot easier?? I LOVE camping but it is SO much work! We don't have a camper though. I'm thinking that would cut down on a lot of the work? The sheer packing for camping takes me days!


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