Sunday, August 31, 2014

A day on the LAKE!

On Saturday August 16th the Odenrider's invited the girls and I down on their parents houseboat for the day.  Clay was supposed to be harvesting, but never ended up getting called due to the rain the day before.  He missed out at the river but later joined us for dinner at Odenrider's house!  The girls had SO MUCH FUN!  They played and played and played. 

Buggy in the sand!

Sisters in the sand

Buddies Joel and Chloe

Chloe LOVED the houseboat slide! I think she went down it about 50 times!


And back up again!

Layla loved Joel taking her out into the water.  She giggled and giggled!

More giggles - love this picture!

And then they got in the tubes

More giggles!

I could never get a picture of them all looking:(  Here is a cute one of Joel and Chloe and Sami trying to get Layla to turn and look;)

And now Chloe isn't looking

Layla thought the water bucket that was supposed to be used to clean sand off your feet was fun.  Silly girl!
It was an overall perfect day at the beach!  Thanks Odenrider family!! 

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  1. A perfect lake day! What a fun water slide off the boat! We've been so busy this summer we hardly got to the lake at all! :{


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