Saturday, August 2, 2014

An evening with the triplets!!

Last Friday I left work a half hour early, went and picked up my girls and headed to the park to meet my best friend Natalie, her mom, Grandma Sherry and the triplets!!  Since we don't get to spend time together too often we were super excited about it!  When we arrived the pool it was clearing out and we ended up having it all to ourselves!!  It was awesome!!  Chloe's friend Sawyer was arriving right when we were too so she stayed to swim with us!  Then Grandma came and joined us as well!  Natalie brought her camera that can get wet which was great!  Chloe thought it was so cool when she told her to go under water and she would take a picture of her.
My big fish!

Chloe, Sawyer, Layla, and Opal

Chloe, Sawyer, Layla, Opal and Scarlett

My little fish!

3 bathing beauties and Grandma Sherry

After swimming we all went to dinner at the Mexican Restaurant - it was such a fun summer night spent with some of my very favorite people!!

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